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Company: Fourlaps

Fourlaps is a New York-based brand that creates functional athletic apparel.

We founded this company with a core belief: that high-quality, well-designed athletic apparel should be within reach.

Every item is deliberately styled (think pops of energetic color) and built to fit your life (read: iPhone-friendly pockets). Whether you’re going for a run on the Westside Highway, hopping on a Citibike, or playing a game of pickup basketball, Fourlaps is right there with you.

Product: I received the Smash Tee (pictured to the right) and the Bolt Shorts. The tech shirt is 100% polyester, while the shorts are 84% polyester/16% spandex. Available sizes range from S to XL, and retail prices are $49.50.

Impressions: Let’s start with the shirt. It’s all synthetic fabric, but it has the feel of a knitted shirt. I tested the medium size, and the fit was true. If I lift my arms parallel to the ground, the fabric around the armpits gets a little tight. (For reference, I’m 5’10” and on the thin side.) Moisture wicking seemed adequate, although it was cool both times I ran in the shirt, so I didn’t generate a huge amount of sweat. The color of the shirt seems a little darker than in the picture, but still very bold. Note that the top and bottom borders of that black strip have a thicker line of stitching that you can feel on the outside and inside of the shirt, but I did not notice any chaffing resulting from it, nor did it bother me while running.

Bolt Shorts

Perhaps because of the spandex, the shorts had a different feel, more on the slick side (I happen to like that for running shorts). Again, I tested medium, which fit me snugly without the need to tie the drawstrings. These shorts contain an interior boxer lining – advertised as anti-microbial – which means it’s sort of obligatory to go commando. I found the shorts quite comfortable and lightweight, and as always, I appreciate running shorts that have regular pockets – as opposed to those little pouches on the inside waistband.

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