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PRISMSPORT was launched in 2013 by Emily Vitale and Lori Florio. Tired of dark shades — boring colors + uninspired combinations, we didn’t want to just look good exercising, we wanted our activewear to perform well, too. We began with a single pattern and our fresh take on performance wear was an instant hit.

PRISMSPORT is now a full range of women’s workout clothes that let you workout + walk out in prints + solid styles that reference trends, but are never trendy. All prints pass the all-important PRISMSPORT thigh test: every pattern must flatter. Today, we sweat, live + laugh in print — we #LIVEINPRISM.

Annette’s Impressions:

When I received my PRISMSPORT capris and shirt, they were packaged inside a reusable drawstring bag with PRISMSPORT printed on it – nice touch! I was immediately loving the fun prints and colors on my new capris. But, the most surprising part was the tag on my pants practically shouting, “Say No To The Toe.” Yes, ladies, that is referring to the dreaded camel toe. PRISMSPORT capris and leggings were designed without a center seam to “keep your privates, private.” I couldn’t wait to see how the design would fit.

When I put on my Classic Capri II, the first thing I noticed was how creamy soft they felt. The fabric was truly amazing! The lack of a center seam definitely looked different, but it felt perfectly comfortable. At first I wasn’t sure how I would like the super wide waistband, as it felt different from the waistbands I am used to. While on my run, I quickly forgot about my capris. Everything about them was so comfortable, I truly didn’t think about them. It was love at first run.

I was also wearing a PRISMSPORT mesh t-shirt on my run. Although, it seemed a little heavy when I first looked at it, it fit very comfortably. I liked that the sleeves weren’t as long as most tees, but were closer to a cap sleeve. I found this fit more flattering and closer to the feel of a tank than a tee.  And, like the capris, I didn’t notice it at all during my run – a great quality for running clothes.

I also received a Sprint Capri. I didn’t even bother waiting for my next run to wear these. The first pair I tried was so comfortable that I broke out the other pair to just lounge in on a cool evening. Like the Classic Capri, the fabric was so amazingly comfortable. I have never had a pair of workout pants that felt this good. It was perfect for lounging in. Although, honestly, it was way too cute for just lounging in and it really defeats the purpose of putting on workout clothes, so I’ll try not to make a habit of it. (Wish me luck! That fabric just screams comfort!)

Both pairs of capris have a hidden pocket in the waistband perfect for stashing your key or other small items you may need to carry on the run. In addition to the fabric being comfortable, the prints are fun and fashionable. PRISMSPORT also makes super cute skirts, which normally aren’t my thing for fitness wear, but these are making me rethink my skirt-avoiding ways. They also carry jackets, sports bras, and more.

Teresa’s Impressions:

Life is short and we all need to laugh more. That’s the first thing I did when I opened up my PRISMSPORT package of Classic Legging II‘s. ‘Just say no to the toe’ brought a smile to my face for a couple of reasons. Sadly, I was in my early twenties when a girlfriend explained to me exactly what that meant and it instantly took me back to that awkward conversation and her laughing that I could be so naïve. It also made me giggle that a company would just put that out there and I love that they do. Why should we pretend it doesn’t exist? While it can be a problem with tight fitting leggings and shorts, it’s not an issue with this line. Thank goodness. The seams are in the right places and your business stays your business. I’ll just leave it at that.

PrismSport Classic Leggins II in Blossom Print

PRISMSPORT Classic Legging II in Blossom Print

The other thing pretty exciting with these leggings is the material. They are beyond soft, to the point where I had to make sure people experienced how soft they were. I had several compliments with each of the leggings I tested. When I got a compliment, I noted how comfortable and cozy they were and pretty much demanded that they feel them. Everyone I convinced to give them a touch was surprised too with how smooth and soft they are. You really have to feel these to know what I’m talking about. I could live in these pants.

Not only are these perfect for errands, working at the school and looking cute while lounging around the house, these were functional for running too. I’m a little shy of 5’4” and they fit me perfectly. The ankles stayed in place, the waist was perfectly snug they didn’t sag in the crotch area, which happens way too often with leggings. They moved with my body like a second skin, but weren’t see-through, which is another problem with leggings.

I have to confess that I ran these through the regular wash/dry cycle after each wear because I don’t have time to line dry my workout stuff. While I suggest you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, I can vouch that mine didn’t shrink in the two months I’ve been testing them.

I also have to confess that I wasn’t super excited with the print of one pair, I’m not a real ‘floral’ type of person, but it’s grown on me. It might be that I’ve gotten so many compliments on them that I’ve decided it’s okay to wear flowers when you’re a woman in your mid-forties. Either way I’ve fallen in love with the print and can get equally excited when I wear my PRISMSPORT leggings. They are comfortable so you can focus on what you need to focus on, be it your workout or enjoying life. If you want to complete the ensemble, check out their tops too. I tested the Balance T Shirt with Black Perforated Mesh and was impressed with the quality. It’s on the thicker side, the fabric is comfortable, not at all ‘scratchy’ like some mesh material can be and would be a perfect piece to throw over a tank top after a workout or just wear for errands.  The cut was slimming and, while I probably wouldn’t use this shirt on a really hot day, it makes a perfect spring or fall running shirt. The fabric dries fast and doesn’t keep any lingering smells, making it a perfect addition for a workout collection or a busy mom looking for a comfortable shirt that matches pretty much everything.



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