Shoe Review: Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) Women’s Windchill

The Windchill in Rose/Energy features a vivid Rose upper is accented with a touch of signature Energy on the outsole. Featuring APL’s patented Load ‘N Launch® technology tuned specifically for running, the Windchill is designed to make the user run faster while using less energy. The 3-layer FloZone upper surrounds an open air mesh bootie for lightweight comfort. This construction allows cool air to constantly flow through the shoe, while the hot air escapes out the back. Standard normal width sizing. 8mm drop. Wt. 7.4 oW

Company: Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)

Shoe: Women’s Windchill Rose-Energy

Price: $150


  • Patented Load ‘N Launch® technology is designed to make the user run faster and do so while exerting less energy.
  • FloZone upper construction allows unrestricted airflow throughout the entire shoe, offering a cool ride and extreme breathability.
  • Internal Fit System comprised of a full length open air mesh bootie keeps all foot shapes comfortable and locked in.
  • Compression Midsole is carved out in key areas to reduce overall weight while providing the perfect balance of cushioning and rebound.
  • Solid rubber outsole with integrated forefoot crashpad is engineered for midfoot strike to promote proper running form.
  • The 8mm drop from the heel to the forefoot places your foot in a natural position for efficient running.


Aesthetically speaking, I have received so many compliments on these shoes from both men and women. While it’s nice to wear a shoe that people like to look at, that’s not what’s important when it comes right down to it. These shoes are lightweight, but solid, particularly in the heel. The forefoot is reasonably thin, giving good reaction and faster response with change in motion. The heel is on the thicker side, which works for someone who needs a little more stability. I supinate and heel strike and these gave me the cushion I needed from the back end, but didn’t have much in the front allowing a good push off with the forefoot. The ‘crashpad’ circles that make up the forefoot give a little more traction and provide just enough cushioning. The mesh allows the feet to breathe and the material doesn’t rub or aggravate the foot.

The construction is solid, the stitching holds up and the material is quality. Mine have been through a few mud puddles, but besides a little dirt, they look brand new. I tested these in distances ranging from 5 miles to 13.1 miles, but these would work for shorter or longer runs.  They are lightweight enough to give the foot a fast response, but solid enough to offer some stability and cushion. Besides the important stuff, they make a fashion statement too. A long run, a short run or just running errands, these shoes are practical for all of the above.

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