Make A Day Of It: Harborview Inn & RV Park (Garibaldi, OR)

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Harborview Inn & RV Park A Fisherman’s Paradise

If you are not already familiar with Garibaldi and nearby Rockaway Beach, the area is rural and beautiful. Garibaldi is a small port town of about 1,000 people moored in northern Tillamook Bay. With the motel and RV Park located a mere 100 feet from the boat launch on the marina, the location is perfect for those wishing to explore and enjoy some wildlife watching or book a charter and try your hand at fishing. Although I fear being a bit sea sick with these land legs o’mine, I enjoyed window shopping and dining in both Gatibaldi and Rockaway beach.

Things to do on your visit:

Races in the area to watch out for in 2017:

The experience itself:

Besides fishing, Garibaldi is also known for it’s logging, and the Harborview Inn and RV Park is located right next door to the mill. I admit my wonder of the noise may have heightened my worry and my heart may have sank a little at the view. The location of the mill (and it’s noise level) and the vintage architecture of the motel were not an issue. If you are a light sleeper, there are a couple pairs of ear plugs waiting for you on the bedside table, and though the exterior of the motel may seem a little dated, the charming rooms are fully updated with modern decor. I didn’t use the earplugs and slept with the window open, and the only disrupted sleep I experienced was my husband’s phone ringing too early. After being awoken by a cell phone ringing, and with the window open, the saw mill’s operations were audible, but not loud. After closing the window, nothing could be heard.

The location offers a charming and cheerful place to stay while enjoying Tillamook County and coastal exploring.  As a reviewer on Facebook put it “There is on place that treats people like they do here, its like haveing  your own beach house.” [sic]

What makes this place uniquely different:

There are some unique features that set Harborview apart from a roadside motel near the beach. Check out the campfire (weather permitting) every Thursday and Friday night with the addition of S’mores on Saturday night.

clubhouse view

Our view from the clubhouse during our board game.

Get your board game on or catch up on gossip in the area’s clubhouse. Along with several popular board games (Pirates of the Caribbean version of the game of life, sorry!, scrabble and others) there is a wood burning stove and plenty of books to curl up with.  Looking for a DVD? They have several.  The lobby snack cart offers an array of teas, fresh cookies and other little treats. On my second day, the hot coffee was much appreciated with the autumn rain we were enjoying.

There is a kitchen available to clean and cook any of the sea life you may be hoping to prepare along with a laundry room if you have an extended stay and would like to wash your clothes.

Crab Rings and clam rakes are available for rent, as well as bait and shellfish licenses available for purchase. If crabbing, clamming or fishing is new to you, ask if they have any clinics available.

Check out their Facebook page for any upcoming clinics or special rates, such as the Facebook exclusive deal for a free night in the months of September and October.  To check on current rates and room availability, call Harborview Inn & RV Park at 503-322-3251.


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