Your next PR is due on September 10th: Introducing the Scappoose Wings and Wheels 16K

If that’s not Sheriff from Disney’s Cars … from the events facebook page.

Unless you’ve already raced a 16k (who has, really?), this is your opportunity for a guaranteed PR. 16 kilometers. It’s 9.94 miles, and you know many people use the 10-mile distance as a strong marathon pace predictor, so there are multiple reasons to go. Oh wait, I haven’t mentioned what might be the best one: this race is part of a cool community festival: The Scappoose Wings and Wheels Festival is also an air show! My four-year-old is PUMPED. Bonus: The band “Hit Machine” will be performing from 2p-5p at the festival.

This is the first year for this 16k, and the planners are all volunteers. The co-chair of the race, Kelly Marks, gave me the inside school on the race. (Her co-chair is the Mayor of Scappoose; it’s great to see the local leadership getting involved to support the event!) Marks says, “We are really excited about this! We have a great course, wonderful partners and a fantastic cadre of volunteers.”
First, the details:
When: Saturday, September 10, 2016
What time: The 16k starts at 9a
Where: Scappoose Airpark at 34020 Skyway Drive. It’s a runway, you’ll be able to find it.
Register: Online here for $50
The course looks like a really fun loop. Starting at the Airpark, it makes a counter-clockwise loop that traces the northern edge of Scappoose and then runs east towards the Gilbert River (at least, that’s what Google Maps calls the Columbia River offshoot at that area). For about three miles, you run parallel to the river and then on the wonderfully-named Honeyman Road back to the AirPark.
Marks said that the organizing committee has designed the festival (including the run) to be beneficial to a number of community groups.  “The Columbia Pacific Food Bank handles the gate for us and we ask that attendees and participants bring a donation, food or cash, as a donation,” Marks explains. “The Scappoose HS Girls Rugby team handles the parking and collects tips; last year they made nearly $800 and we hope it is much higher this year.” Those are only two of the Scappoose-area organizations that are supported by this event, which is hosted by the South Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and is its largest annual fundraiser.
Another new addition to the day-long festival is a tricycle parade. I think that’s all the reason I need to finally get my daughter a bike with training wheels! Other fun activities include a cruise-in, a fly-in, a “hangar dance” thanks to Hit Machine, a beer garden, lots of food, raffles, and so much for kids and kids at heart.

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