Kickstarter of the Week: monkii bars 2

Product: monkii bars 2
Location: Boulder, CO
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: August 22, 2016

If you remember back, we highlighted monkii bars as a Kickstarter of the Week and our very own Teresa reviewed them afterwards. Now on the docket is monkii bars 2, the next incarnation into mobile gym workouts for the active working or outdoor person. The campaign just launched today, so make sure you check it out. Check out the updates in the features in the following video:

Teresa had this to say in her previous review:

I need simple and basic and these are just that – a couple of bars, suspension lines and adapters and you are set. I couldn’t help but laugh when I was testing these out at a soccer game, thinking I was being inconspicuous and apparently not so much. A couple of rows on the monkii bars into it and a woman commented on how clever they were and started asking me all about them.  They are similar to other bodyweight training devices on the market, but these can go with you anywhere. You can pull them out at the office, take them camping, hiking, or carry them along on a run. They are super portable, very light and have a quick set up.

Just because they are lightweight doesn’t mean they can’t hold weight. My instructions noted mine would hold 220 pounds, but I found other websites noting the actual breaking point was much higher. Runners often ignore their upper body and core and these definitely work both. With a combination of intervals and monkii bars, you have a perfect workout that challenges the body and is far from mundane. I can’t wait to take these along on a relay.

[T}hey are a convenient, sleek exercise tool that I can take along anywhere. They take up very little space, since the cords slide right into the handles and stay there until you unplug the ends for set up. If you are looking for a way to change up your workout or if you are on the go a lot, monkii bars may be the exercise gear you are looking for. monkii bars are a pretty fun way to get a workout and don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you and asks what they are all about.

I was sent a sample Adventure Kit and Ultralight Kit from monkii bars 2 to try out for myself. With feedback from original Kickstarter pledgers, they’ve made 3 major changes:

  • Better functionality indoors
  • Easier to setup and use
  • Added detachable foot-straps for more core and leg exercises

As someone who travels pretty frequently for work, this was a great addition to my travel bag. I typically get a run in during most of my work trips, and I found that this would be a great addition for when I get to my hotel late and don’t feel comfortable navigating a foreign location in the dark. With these in tow, I can get in a workout in the comfort of my own room.


The kit itself is super well put together. They are made of “Powder coated Aerospace-grade aluminum, ultra-strong nylon webbing, and high density rubber fittings.” It’s TSA friendly and takes up minimal space (weighs only 25 ounces – 9 ounces for bars only – and just over 7 inches in length), while still looking super sleek. The fabric is laser cut to reduce fraying and is also coated with a waterproof cover (allowing this to also be something to take into the outdoors without fear of damage). I will say that I wished I had spent more time understanding how everything came apart (or at least taken a picture), as it was a challenge my first few times getting everything back to where it needed to be. The process was simple after a few tries. Use the connected straps and slide over the top of the door, or take the removable straps with you on your next run/hike/outdoor trip. I was reminiscing how awesome the ultralight kit would have been at my morning run in Venice Beach this past Spring.

My 185 pound frame was supported without issues, which is always good. They are perfect for the big heavy hotel room doors, and found that the my own standard bathroom door at home was almost a little too lightweight to feel 100% comfortable on (though that’s my door and my weight’s fault – not monkii bars 2). Also on the kit, is a convenient little holder for your phone, so you can be hands and pocket free while still pumping out your favorite tunes (stay mindful of your hotel neighbors though).

Something new with monkii bars 2 is the “monkii app”. The app uses locations that have been submitted by other monkii app users as awesome places they have taken their own monkii bars to. I can think of a few great places in Oregon that NEED to be on that app, so that others can experience the beauty while getting a workout in.

Right now, you can be one of the earlybird backers and pledge the Ultralight Kit for $98 or full Adventure Kit for $149 (shipments in January 2017) . That’s a small price to pay if you travel a lot or aren’t really a “gym” person and would rather be outdoors.

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