Kickstarter of the Week revisited: Wipebook

Wipe book

Company: Wipebook
Product: Mini Wipebook Notebook 
Price: $29.99

Wipebook came to Kickstarter in 2015 and KILLED IT. Sales exceeded $420,000 within 30 days, which far surpassed their $4000 goal! Run Oregon was asked to sample a book and here are our impressions:


“The Wipebook Mini lets users note-take and create, all on the go. In its A5 format (5.8 x 8.25 inches), the Wipebook Mini contains 25 lined (ruled) sheets, or 50 writeable pages, and weighs about half-a-pound. Now with Hypergloss: Hypergloss is a new patented film formula that is even easier to erase. Reuse your pages over and over with ease!”


What an incredible invention! Seriously. I was able to test out the Mini Dry Erase Notebook, from Wipebook, and now I could not live without it.

Need a great way to keep track of all those races you are interested in? What about being able to erase an event you decide not to register for? I have been using the product to write down all the races I wanted to participate in. Then, using a couple of pages for writing down my race calendar. Since the pages are erasable, I am able to use the Wipebook as a real “white board!” Literally, you can put your thoughts and ideas down, wipe it off, and start again, re-using the pages over, and over, and over. The cover is very thick, and it is bound with a binding that you can un-coil. By un-coiling the spine, you can lay out as many pages as you wish to make a large space to write your ideas on. I used it in this fashion, unbound, to draw out some home decorating ideas. See, it doesn’t have to be all about running, right? Additionally, while unbound these can easily be scanned to your computer so that your ideas (PR times, notes about races, etc.) won’t be lost.

One huge kudos, unlike a white board, is that the Wipebook pages hold the dry erase ink well. You can write your information down, close the book – or turn the page, and not have to worry about your writing getting rubbed away. I very much appreciate this! However, it is very simple to wipe the pages off and start fresh.


  • Sustainable – great way to save paper!
  • Multiple page sizes to choose from (currently 4 different choices available)
  • Easy to write on, and the ink does not smear or wipe off accidentally
  • Incredible race organizer/scheduler
  • Well constructed and extremely useful


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