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Knee High Compression Running Socks

X31 Sports sent a few products to our Run Oregon blogging core. Geli and Brian have been trying some out over the past few weeks and are reporting in with their experiences.

ProductKnee High Compression Running Socks
Price: $19.99 (reduced from $39.99)
DescriptionThe Knee High Compression Running Socks for Men or Women by X31 Sports, are the ideal sock for any athlete, whether they are running, cycling or just recovering from a hard training session. Graduated compression and padded sole can help prevent strain and injury.

Impressions: Compression socks are great to help me stay injury free. I sometimes wear them during training or races, especially when I am expecting to be working harder than I have been in a while, and sometimes I wear them during recovery after the workout/race. A snug fit, graduated compression, and arch support help prevent sore legs and heels. If your shoes size is in between sock sizes, choose the smaller sock to ensure proper fit.

I generally wear compression socks during recovery, after long runs. Other compression socks I have worn tend to slide down and be a little thicker at the foot end. These socks had the perfect fit and I had no problem wearing them all day. They didn’t slide down and felt like they had almost the perfect amount pressure on my lower leg without being too tight.

Women’s Performance V-Neck Workout T-Shirt

ProductWomen’s Performance V-Neck Workout T-Shirt
Price: $27.99 (reduced from $45.99)
Description: This versatile Women’s Performance V-Neck Workout T-Shirt is suitable for running, yoga, and other fitness activities. Lightweight, wicking material, a longer hemline, and athletic cut make the shirt stay in place during running, biking, or gym workouts.

Impressions: The X31 workout shirt feels very nice. Its bottom hem doesn’t ride up during activity, raising my arms doesn’t make it come undone, and thanks to the flattering fit, the v-neck doesn’t become too revealing. The fabric feels soft against the skin, and no seams are irritating in the wrong spots. Reflective details on the sleeve and back (along with the bright pink color) help me stay visible during outdoor activities.

Men’s Performance Semi-Fitted t shirt

Product: Men’s Performance Semi-fitted short sleeve T-shirt
Price: $24.99
Description: With a semi-fitted longer HSP cut, our performance shirt is ideal for moving quickly, without the worry of bulky extra fabric around the arms and chest, or your shirt riding up as you perform pull-ups or overhead presses. Our soft fabric blend feels super light while wearing on long runs or lengthy training sessions. Strategically placed flatlock seams help reduce chaffing With the X31 Sports Moisture Wicking Technology, you can be confident in staying cool and dry even in the hottest of environments.

Impressions: Even though I ended up getting a size larger than I should have, this is a shirt that will be seeing regular duty this spring. Light and breathable, but solid enough to keep you warm on a chilly rain, the weight of this shirt is optimal. I definitely got to test it’s water wicking abilities on a couple longer rainy runs, and came home practically dry. This fit is comfortable and doesn’t chafe or bounce around.

Men’s Compression Base Layer Running Tights

Product: Men’s Compression Base Layer Running Tights
Price: $39.99
Description: The X31 Sports Mens Running Tights were specially designed with a flat-seam construction to minimize chafing. Made from a super soft breathable, moisture wicking ,4-way stretch fabric to keep your legs dry and comfortable during grueling workouts. Soft elastic waistband with interior drawstring for superior perfect fit. Ankle zips with silicone grip at the bottom hem for easy on and off. Reflective strip for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Zippered back pocket to hold your keys or small items.

Impressions: As someone who got their first pair of running tights two years ago after years of running in shorts, this product is a tough sell for a guy like me. My initial reaction of surprise regarding the weight and thickness of this product was quickly tempered by my 8 mile chilly test run. Breathable and warm, they kept me dry through the rainy run without making me uncomfortably warm. Fit was great and I really liked having a zipper at the bottom versus having to tug it over my heel. The only drawback was a personal one, I didn’t like how the bottom of the pants didn’t set at my ankle, but left a couple inches exposed. Other than that, they were great.

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