Kickstarter of the Week: The Weatherneck – A Quick-Release Bandana for the Outdoors

Different ways to wear the Weatherneck. Photo Credit: Brian Davis

 Product: The Weatherneck Location: Green Bay, WI Kickstarter End Date: February 12, 2015 Current Pledge: $20,868 of $7,000 (WILL BE FUNDED) Anybody who tries to be active outdoors during all kinds of weather is familiar with the struggle to decide on the just-right clothing. What if I'm too cold? What if I'm too warm? Shedding layers seems like a no-brainer, but when you want to keep your head, face, ears, and neck warm, trying to take off and store those layers can be annoying. Introducing the Weatherneck! This triangle-shaped bandana has a magnetic closure, meaning that you can pull it off your neck by tugging with one hand.

The Weatherneck is made from stretchy double knit spandex fabric sourced in the USA and sewn in Wisconsin. The front center strip is made from thinner mesh fabric, making breathing easier. The magnet closure in the back makes it possible to wear the Weatherneck tightly or loosely fitted around your face or neck, depending on the temperature and activity. While it is not designed to be a particle blocker, I bet it would help a lot in dusty or buggy environments.

The Weatherneck is easy to take care of by rinsing it out in the sink or shower. Machine washing is not recommended since the magnets will make it stick to the walls of your machine.

From the Kickstarter Website:

The Weatherneck design improves face shields and neck cuffs by utilizing powerful magnets and superior USA made fabrics to:
– Allow for immediate removal (magnets)
– Provide a superior one-size-fits-all design (see diagram below), this also allows a loose or tight fit depending on conditions.
– Manage moisture build up, allow easy ventilation and block wind without excessive bulk
– Allow quiet removal/application in noise sensitive environments*

Weatherneck fitting instructions

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  1. Just an FYI I re-launched The Weatherneck on Kickstarter, now deemed “The Weatherneck System” I fixed a bunch of issues by adding a hat to our product that magnetizes to the facemask. Overall it is a much better product and a much higher level of quality with our new supplier in Milwaukee, WI

    here is the campaign page and there are press links at the bottom for photos and press release.

    thanks again!
    Brian Davis

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