Kickstarter of the Week: The Undress – Version 2 SPORT


Product: The Undress – Version 2 Sport
Location: San Diego, CA
Kickstarter End Date: January 31, 2016
Current Pledge: $145,579 of $33,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)

The Undress is “the world’s only mobile changing room of it’s kind.” Ladies, this product allows you to change out of your sweaty running gear without the need to hide in your car or resort to a filthy public restroom. As one who has tried to change while hiding in a Hood to Coast van under a blanket and gotten stuck trying to pull my sweaty sports bar off, I would say this is a product that we’ve all been waiting way too long for.

The number one women’s fashion product on Kickstarter is back with version 2. Inspired by their success with The Undress (version 1), The Undress – Version 2 Sport was developed. With input and high demand from their original backers, the San Diego based creators listened to their customers and made changes and improvements.

The video below best explains how this innovative product works.

This product is not only a “mobile changing room.” It can also be worn as a dress or skirt, and can even be used as a seat cover to protect your car seat from your post-run sweatiness. The Undress 2 has many great features, but in my opinion, the most intriguing feature is that it allows you to change out of and into a sports bra without revealing yourself. That is brilliant!

The improvements made to The Undress Version 2 are seen and listed below.

1. New Tech Fabric – Athletic (sweat wicking, antimicrobial), Lifestyle (swimwear type, moisture friendly), and Terry/Towel Fabric Options in multiple colors and sizes TBD

2. Improved Strapping – more comfortable, color matched fabric

3. Color Matched Cord Lock – Option (*stretch goal)

4. Labels – More subtle, New Logo.

5. New “Soft Handle” – More wearable, machine washable, and dryer friendly.

6. Zippered Side Access Openings – Open and Close as you need them. Lays flat when closed.

7. Custom Zipper Pulls – Easier to grab during changes

8. New Performance Slit – For better mobility

9. Fabric Technology –  Anti-Microbial, Odor Blocking, and Sweat Wicking performance (Athletic Fabric Option Only)

10. Easy Care –  Washer & Dryer Friendly, “Pilling” and Wrinkle Resistant

11. Midi Length – Fits most women, and gives you all the coverage you need. Great in wet, sandy, and muddy training conditions.

12. Updated Style – Modern, technical design and feel

13. Performance Fabric Layer – Chest area concealment is better than previous versions when bra-less.

14. Improved Secret Pocket – Construction Updated, and more secure

15. Construction Improvements – Key Points throughout the dress are reinforced / reengineered for strength and durability

The Undress comes in three fabric options.  Athletic (featuring MaxDry and Microblock Technology), Lifestyle (swimwear type fabric – stretchy, moisture-friendly, and comfortable), and Terry “Towel” fabric (the inside is an absorbent terry cloth, while the outside is smooth.)

Pledges start at $69 for one Undress Version 2 with an estimated ship date of May 2016.

You can follow The Undress on Facebook.

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