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Untitled Subscription: Mantry Cost: $49/every 2 months; $24.50 every 2 months with 6 boxes (12-month plan) Cycle: Every 2 Months Features: 6 full-size Artisan Food products I am a man. You may have seen some of my other Like a Man posts on Run Oregon. I also like to eat new, flavorful food. I sometimes joke that the reason I run is so that I can drink beer and sample food without my weight ballooning out of control. So the Mantry subscription appeared to be a good fusion of manliness and sampling different faire. They were gracious enough to send us a box to try out.

First of all, the first Mantry comes in an awesome, handmade in the USA, wooden crate (subsequent deliveries come in mailers) with a really nice manual that describes the box theme, products, and the locations where each comes from. The January Box was titled the “Bacon Brunch” and came with:

  • Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Biscotti (San Francisco)
  • Baconluxious Chocolate Bar (Carlsbad, CA)
  • Organic Apple Raisin Oatmeal (Brooklyn)
  • Pure Hickory Syrup (Trafalgar, IN)
  • Maplewood Smoked Bacon (Kuttawa, KY)
  • Srirachup (Oakland)

Holy. Cow.

Could there be any more manly of a box? I mean, it’s got bacon (enough said), and a wide variety of stuff to accompany all kinds of manly breakfast meals. And while small samples are great, it is very nice to have full-sized products to really dive into. This box definitely has my excited for what future boxes could hold.  Past boxes include “Tailgate Tour”, “Bourbon BBQ”, and “Pizza Party”.

The food itself is not necessarily nutrition-based, but is a solid opportunity to sample new stuff from around the country. It is definitely a fun little splurge with neat themes. And it has me thinking that I want to put in 15-20 miles this weekend and then come home and dive headfirst into the manliest refueling breakfast I can make. In fact, since I don’t work Mondays, I utilized this past week to make myself a little bacon and eggs, topped with Srirachup.  The bacon had a delectable smokiness to it and I ended up going much heavier on the Srirachup than I anticipated – it was that good. I also had my standard pre-work breakfast – oatmeal – this time with the Organic Apple Raisin. The manual said that the hickory syrup holds up well in creamier contexts, so I combined it with my oatmeal. The sweetness from the oats, coupled with the smoky-sweet syrup were paired incredibly well with some leftover bacon. Over the last week of breakfasts, I have never felt so good being a man.

I love that they curate products locally sourced from the USA and that they also donate 1% of sales to City Harvest, helping rescue over 20 tons of food and redistributing it to families in need of good, fresh food.

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