Independent running store Pace Setter has new local owners

Patty Brockman, one of the new owners of Pace Setter Athletic, is also a Realtor with Windermere.

One of my fellow Coach Jim runners recently posted in his group that she and was one of the new owners of long-time local supplier of running shoes and apparel, Pace Setter Athletic on SE Woodstock. Be sure to stop in and say hello to Patty and Jeff Brockman as they get settled!

Patty, who also works as a Realtor, bought her very first pair of running shoes at Pace Setter back in the 1980’s. She and Jeff are avid runners, finishing races from 5k to marathon. Both earned the title of “Ironman Finisher” after they’d turned 50; an impressive feat! I asked Patty to tell me a little about what might change and what will stay the same as they continue the Pace Setter traditions. Here is what she told me:

Pace Setter Athletic was established 35 years ago. It was founded on the philosophy of delivering strong shoe knowledge and stellar customer service. Over the years, it has built a reputation of being the running shoe store where you can trust on the experience and knowledge of the staff to put you in a shoe that best fits your gait and foot strike.

Pace Setter Athletic will continue to  deliver above and beyond service. We don’t evaluate running gait on a treadmill; each customer is taken outside for a running form and biomechanics assessment. Upon request, customers can be videoed, and a trained staff member can do a frame-by-frame analysis of running form. We then help make any necessary changes to help prevent injury and put them in the correct category shoe. We want all of our customers to be healthy and HAPPY runners.

As the new owners we bring a total of  20 years of running experience to the table, with 17 years in coaching runners & triathletes, and a long running history of running shoe retail. As runners ourselves, we have invested our heart and soul into the world of running, and will continue to do so as we help build up the running community here in Portland.

We are excited about this new venture and have lots of surprises on the horizon.

Patty tells me that Pace Setter will be offering some great new programs to their already existing ones, including a new couch to 5K, a 1/2 marathon and a Portland Marathon training program. They will be also hosting a monthly community night with guest speakers from the running and triathlon world. In addition, they are starting plans on a weekly beer run with local craftsmen.

Through these and other perks for their running community, Pace Setter wants to be the local independently-owned store where the beginner & elite runners/triathletes feel good about shopping, hanging out, and being part of the family.

Pace Setter Athletic is located at 4203 SE Woodstock Boulevard in Portland.



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