Product Review: JWalking Designs “Little Black Active Skirt”


JWalking Designs offers running skirts, running kilts, button down shirts and active leggings.  I received a running skirt that I have been be bopping around in. When I first pulled my “little black active skirt” from JWalking Designs out of the bag, the first thing I noticed was the large back waistband.  This band is thicker than any of the waistbands on any other piece of active wear I own…and this waist band and I quickly embarked on a love-hate relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quickly “in love” with a piece of running gear, and while my tolerance of clothing may be high (I ran a half marathon in a ball gown), I’m not easily persuaded to pick a “favorite” piece of clothing. I have found my new favorite running skirt. For real.


  • This thick waist band provided a little extra “support” for what I’m going to proudly call my “mom belly”.  After a life time of excessive weight gain,having children, and then losing weight, the flabby skin that is now my tummy can use all the extra help it can get.  The band provides extra reassurance too that no matter my miles, I know the skirt isn’t budging anywhere.
  • The design is simple but sleek.  The company’s mission states:

JWalking Designs aims to reach the person who wants to get out and get active: moms (and dads, too!) looking for “me time”; multi-taskers who want to get one piece of clothing that works well walking in the park and in the grocery store. Whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or well on your way, we want to break down the barriers to getting out and getting active – and have all feeling good and looking great while doing so.

Before I logged in to the website to read about the company, I took my skirt out for a run and quickly my little jaunt turned into a rush to get other errands done. I would probably say that I am not easily embarrassed, but I try to avoid wearing running skirts outside of actually running. My tall frame (or just extra long legs) make me feel like I’m trying to sport a mini skirt and not doing such a good job at it. However, this skirt falls just a few inches above my knees when I’m at a stand still and could easily make a run to the library and the grocery before running home for my shower. Perfect multi-tasking piece of running wear! Thank you!

  • This design offers three pockets to carry your running essentials.  Two of the pockets have the “hidden zipper” common in a cocktail dress, so the zipper is discrete and doesn’t detract from the design of the outfit.  The third pocket is a Velcro closure and perfect for placing your phone or iPod in or perhaps anything you might need in a hurry.  In this skirt, I can kiss a running belt good-bye because there is plenty of room for keys, phone, cash, ID, fuel and the like.
  • The under shorts seemed a little longer than my “box store” running skirt purchases and I found them far more comfortable.   Again, I’m not too easily embarrassed, but I have a history of race photographers catching me at awkward moments… like chilling at the finish line with a cold beer and my black skirt is somehow flashing for the photographer the pretty and very bright pink built-in “shorts”.  I’m still teased about it.  I know that if there is any breeze or I’m just running so fast that my skirt should waft in the wind, that my patootie is covered.   The shorts stay in place and there is no rolling on the hem or shifting.  I am very pleased with them.
  • One of my favorite features:  they are Made in the USA from EcoGreen fabric, which, according to their website is 84% Recycled Plastic Bottles (yes, the water bottles we drink from) and 16% Spandex. “The Recycled Plastic in our moisture-wicking fabric keeps our creations breathable, comfortable and flexible, and the Spandex keeps their shape.”  How cool is that?


I can only really think of one, and it’s difficult because it is also the first thing I listed as a “Pro”. That large waistband, for any non-sewers out there, is essentially a tube of fabric with a large elastic band free-floating within the waistline (the tube of fabric). This allowed for the elastic to roll on itself, twist and need readjusted or cause the material to bunch in a weird way. Honestly, this isn’t something that is uncommon with clothing, it’s just more noticeable with the wider elastic. I’ve honestly had more issues untangling straps in a car seat than the few moments it took to readjust the elastic. I think I may add a (zigzag) stitch or two to the elastic to encourage it to stay put, but otherwise apply some body glide if you are prone to chaffing. I had no issues in that department.

Bottom Line:

This is easily my favorite running bottoms (skirts, tights, shorts, everything).  I love this skirt and for the price point, would pick up some other patterns.  I do hope they offer more colors and varieties soon!  Go check out JWalking Designs’ website at or their Facebook page and see for yourself.


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