Product review: The Būband athletic supporter for women

The Būband , worn over a tank top.

Have you ever had to wear two sports bras to get the support you need? Do you sometimes wear a bra to bed just because it's more comfortable? Do you think boobs are, sometimes, just stupid? If you answered "Yes, ugh" to any of these questions, you may have a similar build to mine. You could describe yourself as curvy, chesty, big-on-top, or well-endowed.  And even if you haven't had these experiences, but you have boobs, the Būband can do wonders for you as well. Here's the summary of my review of this product: Yes, it works. And yes, it's pronounced "Boob-band." I didn't start out with bounce problems ... that I noticed, anyway. Then I started getting older. Then I had a baby. Then another one. (I'm done with that now, thank goodness.) I'm still nursing for #2, and sporting a 36G. (Yes, they make bras that size. And larger.) 

I am usually pretty happy with my combination of the Anita DynamiXstar Racerback as a base and the Moving Comfort Fiona on top. Women with large breasts know that “uni-boob” is nothing to be ashamed of, rather, it’s a best-case-scenario for limiting the risk of bounce. You have support – sometimes an underwire – that creates a lower boundary; and you have the compression that holds them tighter to the body to keep the skin from stretching with each impact. But all that boob has to go somewhere, so you often times end up with cleavage reminiscent of the Victorian Era … you’re basically able to rest your chin on it. This area, my friends, still bounces.

So when my fellow bloggers shared this new product with me, the Būband, I immediately saw the benefit of adding another level of support to create a top boundary while improving the odds I can actually see my feet. I received a tester in the mail after just a week or so, and wore it for the first time on a 7.5-mile run with some friends. I was in a rush to get out the door, so I didn’t put it on until I got to the trailhead where I didn’t have the benefit of dressing myself in private. The key is to have the closures of the Būband above the bra closures on your back, so it will stay in place. I didn’t have mine in the right place at first and it slid down to just under by boobs as I ran, but fortunately my friend and fellow blogger Abby adjusted the back for me and I was fine the next six miles. Once you have it in the right position, it will stay there.

You do have to take care to put it on correctly; there are photos on their website to see how this should look. It should be worn very tightly – there really is no bounce. For my next run, I put it on properly and it didn’t move the entire four miles. You can feel it – it is, after all a compression support – but it’s not uncomfortable and it didn’t cut off any circulation, chafe, or rub. It is made out of a material called Supplex, which has a nylon base and feels soft and smooth while retaining color well; and some Spandex as well. The Būband is designed to last much longer than a sports bra.

In order to purchase the right size, you should take careful measurements. The Būband comes in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL. To measure yourself, if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, you can use any long flexible item. I actually used the power cord for my phone, marking the circumference with a bobby pin and then using a regular 12-inch ruler to measure the length. The website’s “Shop” section has a sizing chart so you can pick out which size is right for you; the Būband has three rows of four eye-hook fasteners to get exactly the right fit.

The band itself is wider than the back strap of my other sports bras, at 3 inches. Honestly, for someone with G-cup or larger, it could be even wider, because the more you can do to compress and contain, the better. I actually think any woman can benefit from better support, because the skin on your breasts is very elastic. The more you bounce, the more stretched-out it will become. And the more stretched-out it becomes, the saggier you’ll get. In fact some of the models on their website are not large-breasted. In fact, many of them women I see that I want to send to get fitted properly aren’t especially big on top … just wearing an awful sports bra!

I wish I would have had a Būband after my first baby. Getting back into running while nursing was tough. Not only are your breasts larger when nursing, they’re more sensitive and sore. Anything you can do to minimize movement can help make you more comfortable.

Būband is made in Canada, and the price of $49.98 Canadian dollars works out to just about $36 in USD. International shipping is $12 (this is a good price) and because they’re in Calgary, it doesn’t take very long to arrive to an address in Oregon or SW Washington. Get shopping and order your Būband here!

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