Here’s a fun way to make each mile count in 2016

Great idea by Lynette N. to make her miles count in 2016.

A fellow Sunstone Running Club member, Lynette, posted this super-cute way to both track her miles and set aside a little extra money in 2016.

It’s simply a homemade piggy bank where she adds coins for every mile, half marathon, and marathon she runs in 2016. You can read on the top of the jar that she is banking 10¢ for every mile, 25¢ for every half marathon, and $1 for every marathon. She happens to run a lot, so by the end of the year she’ll have quite a chunk of change for new shoes!

Depending on your mileage, you could change the values; instead of getting bonuses for 13.1 or 26.2-mile races, you could add a little on top for a 5k or 10k … or maybe you only get a bump when you run an ultra!

Make each mile count for more by upping the value even more – 50¢ per mile will total up to $40 per month if you log 20 miles a week. That’s some serious coin that you could add to your retirement fund, your kiddo’s college fund, or even donate to a nonprofit that you support.

This is a great idea to keep you motivated in both running and saving money! If you decide to make your own running bank, take a picture of it and upload it to Run Oregon’s facebook page for others to get ideas as well.

Happy running, friends.



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