Kickstarter of the Week: And She’s Dope Too

And She's Dope Too Group Meet-Up

Product: And Shes Dope Too Location: Ogden, UT Kickstarter End Date: November 19, 2015 Current Pledge: $18,858 pledged of $18,000 (WILL BE FUNDED) Website: worldwide platform to heighten women’s participation in outdoor adventure, help people in true need and protect our planet.’  That’s a mission statement I can get behind. The husband and wife team that make up And She’s Dope Too, a women's apparel company, is looking  to expand their reach with a Kickstarter campaign.  Based out of Ogden, Utah, And She’s Dope Too  already provides women’s clinics and events, helps support people in need around the world and strives to protect wild areas through the sale of ladies apparel. They are looking for backers to bring the manufacturing costs down, while maintaining quality,in an attempt to expand their reach through their current endeavors. 

ASDT clinics and meet ups for women encourage ladies to connect, try new things and experience life. They aim to ‘break out of the compare and compete culture’ and encourage ladies to expand their experiences without judgement. With trail runs, stand up paddle boarding and yoga, ASDT meet ups offer adventures for ladies and leave a positive impact on the community. They want to make their community bigger, bring adventures to more places, and make more women aware of their company and unique business plan.  Birthing facility in Nepal.

ASDT has already provided thousands of dollars in aid for women in Nepal.  Partnering with One Heart World and with help from artist Rachel Pohl, they provided education for Nepalese women and helped support birthing facilities. Even with the tragic conditions left from the earthquakes, they were able to provide education for safer pre-natal and post-natal care.

100% of the profits went to One Heart Worldwide for Nepalese aide.

They want to increase their conservation efforts and join Conservation Alliance, an organization that brings companies together to help preserve our precious environment. With backing, ASDT will be able to buy a membership and use resources to protect our beautiful planet. Through their Kickstarter, And She’s Dope Too wants to keep their costs affordable and expand their reach through a grass roots campaign. They want more people to hear about their products and help with their endeavors.

Pledge $10 or more and receive some bumper stickers as a thank you. Give $22 or more and receive a limited edition Lady Wild chalk bag. For a $30 pledge, choose from a Lady Wild racerback tank, dolman shirt or long sleeve shirt. For a $35 pledge, earn a Jade Lady Wild 3/4 length sleeve traditional long sleep shirt with a faded vintage look. Participants donating $48 or more will receive a green Ambassador hoodie. Pledges of $60 or more also receive the Ambassador hoodie. There are limited spots in the ‘early bird’ special rate, so sign up soon to take advantage of the $48 deal.

‘Funding of this project will also give us the support necessary to use more responsible, sustainable, and eco-minded methods in producing our apparel – such as the incorporation of recycled and organic materials, which will give you another reason to be proud to support ASDT. We want to create a company that not only gives more than it takes, but also is critical of its own practices. We want to create products and practices that truly are responsible and sustainable, as our environmental footprint matters a great deal to us. Our goal with Kickstarter is to grow our company and its positive impact worldwide.’

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