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Newton Aha

Run Oregon receives and tests running shoes from time to time. This initial post about the Newton Aha. Matt has just received his pair and have outlined some background information about the company and the Aha model.

Company: Newton

Shoe: Newton Aha


Newton Aha

Newton has been around in the running landscape for years (2007 to be exact), but is one that I have yet to try out. I see there shoes when we are towing the line at races, but is a brand that hasn’t entered my periphery until now. The Newton CEO is an IRONMAN finisher and the brand’s co-founder runs 100-mile ultra-races. Speaking of IRONMAN, Newton Running is the official footwear and run course sponsor for the IRONMAN U.S. Series and presenting sponsor of the Destination Races Wine Country Half Marathon Series, which we know all too well here in Oregon. Newton Running was named after Sir Isaac Newton and Newton’s third law, which is the technology that has made Newton Running shoes renowned. Newton is based out of Boulder, CO and was named after Sir Isaac Newton and Newton’s third law (For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction), which is the mantra that Newton has used in developing their patented shoes technology. Newton has developed their 5-lug system and three different shoe types (POP standing for Point of Power):

POP1 – Fast & Responsive (the most pronounced of their lug system)

POP2 – Peppy & Smooth

POP3 – Soft & Lively (the most subtle of their lug system)

For those who are interested in the technology of the shoe, here is how they describe this trainer:

Perfect For: Active-minded runners looking for a familiar all-around shoe to keep them committed to coming back for more.

Likes: Performing with versatility at all distances for both new and experienced runners.

Ride: Familiar and forgiving. A subtle and inviting ride with some extra pep.


  • One-piece seamless engineered mesh upper
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Heel lace lock


  • 5-lug P.O.P 3 platform
  • Action/Reaction technology in the forefoot and heel
  • Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
  • Open ground surface EVA in mid-stance
  • Durable s.h.a.r.c (super high abrasion rubber compound) outsole composite in forefoot

Initial Impressions:

The Newton Aha falls into the POP3 category, which places it with models that offer a more cushioned ride. Basically, shoes in this category are the most subtle feeling of the lugs and are probably the best introductory shoes to try when initially venturing into the Newton lug system.

imageAs I mentioned in my other Newton review, the lug system definitely has a different feel than what I was used to. It’s not bad or uncomfortable, but definitely a little different.On my first wear out of the box, I actually placed a different shoe on each foot – one Aha and one Fate. I definitely felt the difference between the two, with the Aha being noticeably more cushioned and offering less direct feel of those lugs. I can definitely feel why the POP3 system and Aha are an ideal shoe for first-timers.

As with my other review as well, my calves became a little tired while I made the initial transition, but I anticipate that will even out as I get more and more runs in (note: I have been alternating between the Fate and Aha’s, along with my old pairs of shoes, so it may be unclear which shoe has “caused” the sore calves. Numerous reviews around the internet do mention to take it easy when starting in Newtons to avoid fatigued calves) The shoes are relatively light at a little under 8 ounces and seem to fit into that perfect trainer shoe – solid and reliable, but not too heavy.

While I am not one who takes fashion too seriously, the Aha color I received is a solid and crisp black with some baby blue trim and gold logo. It’s got a really classic feel to it in a world full of bright running shoes.

I will be revisiting these shoes again and will be reporting back with how my venture into Newtons has gone!


Men’s weight: 7.4

Heel-to-toe offset: 6mm

Price: $89.99 ($77 on Amazon)

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