Kickstarter of the Week: WPN.Wear

Product: WPN.Wear
Location: Perth, Australia
Kickstarter End Date: November 23, 2015
Current Pledge: $9,127 of $21,904

As a man, it’s nice to have gear designed specifically for men. We all know that everyone’s bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but sometimes I feel as if workout gear for men sometimes follows the idea that men don’t care what they wear – as long as it’s simple, cheap, and cool. While I do appreciate items made with those three things in mind – what we are often left with is crummy quality and poor sizing options. WPN Wear, out of Australia, is our Kickstarter of the Week. They say this about their men’s activewear line:

[WPN.Wear is] ultimate Activewear for men. Combining style, performance and comfort.

We believe that through innovative design, engineering and technology we can help athletes to perform at the highest level and become the person they aspire to be.

Last year, WPN. launched a brand exclusively for men that combined sophisticated design with technical innovation to create high quality, fashion forward active wear.

We noticed that in today’s market the variety of active wear available exclusively for women is endless, whilst options for men are seriously lacking.

So we made it our mission to build a brand for guys like us, that want something different, something cool and exclusive. To create apparel that was super functional but looked amazing. Gear you can wear straight from your workout onto the street that looks stylish.

On their Kickstarter campaign, they feature a variety of different items to pledge on. While there is a tank top option, they are focused in running shorts in this campaign – and are featuring these styles:





These shorts all feature different styles, lengths, and cuts to meet all the fitness needs in your life. The shorts are made from  Dri-Shield fabric to keep bodies dry and comfortable. They also feature stretch inserts (in eight directions) which line the inseam for added mobility.

There are a variety of different ways to pledge, but the first that includes shorts begins around the $55 pledge. This will come with shorts and their “motivation pack”, which includes an e-book and desktop wallpaper.

This is not a new company (just showcasing some new products), so head over to their website for other cool items like compression wear, shirts, and hoodies.


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