Product Review: HiP ZiPP

After we reviewed the SLS3 compression sleeves, SLS3 approached us about reviewing one of their newer products, the HiP ZiPP. SLS3 is a small athletic apparel organization that specializes in triathlon and compression wear. One of our most read posts of all time is about a running belt, and I personally run with my own belt. However, my current one isn't really made for my phone - something that I utilize for mileage tracking and music. I definitely needed something a little bigger to carry all my running stuff (phone, work badge to get back into the office, car keys, energy stuff during races. My current belt is fine, but it does have a little bounce to it given it's relatively non-flexible materials. I'm always interested in trying something new, and SLS3 sent me a HiP ZiPP to try out.


  • 5 Inches Wide
  • 2 zipped pockets and 1 “hidden” pocket
  • XS-XL (with a wide range of inches for each size)

I found the HiP ZiPP to be comfortable. Given the range (each size accompanies 3 inches of wiggle room), it allowed for some ability to find your right fit zone. The material, like all SLS3 compression gear, is good solid stuff.

Over the past few weeks, I have become more adept at the ideal placement on my hips/waist. Initially, I had some concerns with upward creeping, as this is something that I have found can happen in some/many new items of clothes or gear – it’s foreign so any little deviation from the norm can feel odd.  I asked for the Medium size, and as someone who hovers between a 33 and 34 inch waist (the cutoff in size between S and M was at that 34 inch line) and it has stayed in place solidly. I am at the point where sometimes I have that little moment of “Oh crap, I forgot to put my belt on!!! Wait…never mind”. The design keeps things flat and hides well under my shirt – something my current running belt doesn’t really do.

Now, I know this item is billed as “fashionable”. I am probably the least fashionable runner ever so I may not be the best one to comment on this. While it visually appeared fine, I’m not sure I would necessarily classify it as high fashion. I did, however, only try the black version, and the other 8 colors may make it a bit more flashy. That being said, when I run, I’m definitely not having much of a desire to be “fashionable”, so I thought it fit well into my running wardrobe (which is essentially a hodge-podge of gear from all realms of the running landscape).

Overall, this is a solid option for those who are looking to venture into the running belt world, or who may be looking for a streamlined option which can also hold a solid amount of “stuff”. A belt runs around $30 – not bad for something that has the look and feel to last for a long time.

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