Apparel review: Vuori Men’s Tuvalu Tee

Vuori, an athletic apparel company based in Encinitas CA, produces garments with a close relationship to the ocean. Not only are they beach friendly in function and design, but their “Kuma Fabric Technology” contains elements of seaweed, contributing to sustainability and softness.

The Vuori Tuvalu Tee I tested is one of the softest shirts I’ve worn. I’m not sure how much of the smooth and light texture is attributable to oceanic plant life, but the shirt is definitely softer than 90% of the land-based garments I’ve owned. So kelp me, it’s soft!

The Tuvalu shirt is also nicely breathable. I’ve worn it on both dry, cold runs and in heavy rain under a light jacket, and it performed well in each set of conditions, maintaining a pleasant temperature and not getting soggy.

Other than the incredibly comfortable fabric, Vuori has kept the unnecessary frills to a minimum. The shirt fits well and doesn’t shift, flap, or bunch up on the run. My shirt is black with dark gray trim at the collar, simple yet subtly cool. The round neck opening is a little larger than I’m used to, but is not particularly noticeable while running. A small orange and blue Vuori label is sewn onto the bottom hem.

Not at all flashy, yet highly comfortable and functional, the Vuori Tuvalu Tee is a nice addition to my running wardrobe. The Tuvalu Tee sells for 45 sea shells… er, dollars. Learn more about Vuori at