Gear Review: Run Baby Running Belt


Though it was probably never intended to help out a pregnant lady on 3rd trimester runs, (read: sortof quick jog-walks) the Run Baby belt performs pretty admirably.  In the vein of the Flip Belt, its soft stretchy material makes it ideal for adapting to a variety of runners and styles of running, whether you’re pregnant or not.  

I initially had my doubts about the gear pockets on these types of belts, since they don’t come with an actual closure, but a few outings with the Run Baby taught me pretty quickly I didn’t have to worry. My iPhone fit snugly in one end, and tightly enough that there was no danger of it coming loose.  I don’t really know why I worry about things coming out of these little slots, its not like most of us are running around with loose change in these things, so the setup works pretty well for storing and transporting the stuff we do need – gel, phone, and the built in lanyard should belay any key-losing fears.  

I also really appreciate that this product is adjustable enough to accommodate a very pregnant belly, and will be easily adjustable to my postpartum running needs.  As far as comfort goes, well I’m not sure you need much more testimonial than the fact that it passed the pregnant lady runner test with flying colors.  I honestly can’t wait to try it after baby, if it was as comfortable for me in the largest phase of pregnancy, I look forward to some pretty comfortable and chafe-free runs with this in the future.  

Product Features

  • 2 ultra stretchy gear pouches
  • 1 plastic lanyard
  • Wide plastic buckle
  • Enough elasticity to make one pregnant runner very content

(Editor’s note: Mary is now mother to a very adorbable little girl!)

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