Kickstarter of the Week: #FreeYourFeet

Product: #FreeYourFeet Location: Landschlacht, Switzerland Kickstarter End Date: Sep 6, 2015 Current Pledge: $191,618 of $10,000 (WILL BE FUNDED) Website:

Have you ever heard of Dyneema? I hadn’t really either. But what about Kevlar? Now that’s something I’m generally familiar with. But when I think about Kevlar, I’m generally not thinking about putting it on my feet. But it makes complete sense. In fact, when researchiong Dyneema, I found out that it is 15 times stronger than steel, with a soft feel and fit, while still being abrasian and tear resistant.

This week’s Kickstarter of the Week – #FreeYourFeet – are the brainchild of the Swiss Barefoot Company. From their campaign:\

After years of research and development, we brought the first Kevlar® -made Swiss Protection Sock to the market. Although it was a large success, we remained determined on taking barefoot protection to even higher standards, through collaborating with the global company DSM.

There are a lot of great details on their campaign page about the material and design. Even if I can’t do it justice, backers have talked loud enough by their pledges. This cruised past it’s goal of $10,000 and is now nearing $200,000. You can get in on the action for only $50 with a delivery goal of January 2016.

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