Product Review: Evofit Enso Foam Roller

enso Roller by Evofit

Due to some nagging foot injuries, my weekly running miles are not adding up to much, and certainly not enough to make me very sore, but thanks to yardwork and Taekwondo classes I have had plenty of chance to get to know the adjustable Enso roller made by Evofit. With its eight foam discs that can be configured in many different ways on the aluminum center tube, the Enso can be used both as a hand held tool and a roller. 

The Enso comes with an instruction pamphlet to get you started. It suggests some different configurations for different body parts, and then the user can also adjust the aggressiveness of the massage by spacing the foam disc closer or farther apart. Additional usage guides are posted on the Evofit website, along with how-to videos.

Thanks to its aluminum construction, the Enso is very lightweight, yet durable.  Each disc has an aluminum center  and a half inch thick foam rim. I anticipate the foam to hold up well and not lose shape as easily as some solid foam cylinder might.

Versatile and customizable

ensō is designed for versatility. It is effective on broad areas like your back and is equally useful in massaging smaller isolated muscles with their own complex conditions.  With a quick and easy adjustment of the discs, ensō conforms to all body types and training and recovery needs.  In addition to the easy positioning of the discs, you can also push them together or individually remove them in order to utilize ensō as a hand-held massaging device.

The Evofit Enso Roller is available on the Evofit website as well as other online merchants.

handheld use of the Enso

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