Kickstarter of the Week: SilverAir Sock

Product: SilverAir Sock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: May 15, 2015
Current Pledge: $189,575 of $35,000 (will be funded)

Company: Y Athletics is a young company who is aiming to keep things simple. They desire to design clothing with a combination of  quality, functionality, and style using the most cutting edge technologies. And in keeping with the theme of elegant simplicity, the company strives to decrease “compromise” on variety in favor of perfecting a few essentials. 

Gear: I have previously covered the SilverAir Odorless Athletic Shirt, which are some of my favorite running gear. These unique shirts are made of actual silver and has maintained its clean and fresh smelling ways despite my body’s best effort to funk it up. Y Athletics is back on Kickstarter with their newest product – the SilverAir Sock. From their campaign:

We created a brand new fabric for our socks and started with the finest merino wool from Australia, for its natural performance characteristics. Wool also has inherent odor-resistant qualities and socks made from wool can usually be worn a couple of times before needing a wash. But wool by itself is not soft enough, so we added acrylic for superior comfort, nylon for durability, and spandex for stretch recoverability. Finally, we blended our signature silver onto the areas that accumulate the most sweat, which takes the odor-fighting capability of this sock to a whole new level.

imageI have had the opportunity to try out a pair for the past few weeks and I am impressed. They are casually stylish and able to be worn during workouts or just using as a casual sock. While Y Athletics have had some testers wear them for extended periods of time (a backer from our first campaign cycled 800 miles for two weeks wearing the same pair of SilverAir sock and a decathlon athlete wore them through his entire race), I didn’t take it to that extreme. But in the multiple times I have worn them, there hasn’t been anything I dislike about them. They are comfortable and are still holding up great. Given the fact that my Y Athletics SilverAir shirts are still holding up amazingly well after over a year, I have no doubts these socks will do the same.

You can pledge and receive a pair for $18 or two for $32.


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