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Get Salba Smart!

Get Salba Smart!

Salba Chia was kind enough to send me their Salba Chia Boost Whole Seeds and Salba Chia Boost Premium Ground Seeds. Chia seeds gained in popularity after Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run book explained that the Tarahumara Indians utilized these seeds to maintain hydration and Omega-3 (ALA) intake in tough climates. I sort of jumped on the bandwagon too when it came to this superfood, but have realized that quality is everything. And Salba Chia is not lacking in quality one bit.

It is not often that I geek out on food, but I couldn’t help it with Salba Chia. They do an amazing job of describing the differences between Salba Chia and generic chia seed varieties. Salba Chia is made of two of the only trademarked varieties in the world and has the most stable nutritional content because of this. The product you’re receiving from Salba Chia has higher levels of Omega-3 (ALA), more protein content, is GMO free, and is sustainably grown.

When a food becomes popular I always shrink back a little bit because I know that demand can mean that bad practices are being put into place to get product to the consumer. Salba Chia takes care to produce the finest ingredients with the least amount of strain on the lands while maintaining conditions by growing in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.

Salba Chia Premium Ground is great for sneaking into your toddlers' food, just saying.

Salba Chia Premium Ground is great for sneaking into your toddlers’ food, just saying.

What I love most about these products is that they come in pre-portioned sizes, which make it very easy to use and even easier to know exactly what you are consuming. I use these packets in my oatmeal, smoothies, or in my son’s daily yogurt for a little protein and Omega-3 boost. The ground version is really interesting and easy to eat and I like using it for my son so he doesn’t know that a new food is being introduced (sneaky mom alert!). I, personally, prefer the texture of the whole seed – I like that they kind of become like little tapioca pearls.

The pricing seems extremely reasonable for the nutritional content and you can buy these in pouches that are not individually wrapped. Salba Chia also makes organic tortilla chips and salsa, both of which I am sure are delicious. I am excited to see what other products Salba Chia comes up with, but for now really enjoy the quality and ease of their little packets of chia.


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