Racing Weight Test Kitchen: Lemon Poppy Protein Bars

We have come to the conclusion of the Run Oregon Test Kitchen and we are all satisfied (in stomach and mind) with our choices. Here is the final blogger recipe from the “Racing Weight Cookbook: Light Recipes for Athletes” by Matt Fitzgerald.

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I found the recipe to be rather easy to follow and execute. It basically consists of setting two large mixing bowls in the preparation area of your choice, adding the dry ingredients to one and the wet ingredients to the other. The real trick is making sure the minimal amount of food products ends up on the counter instead of the bowl. The trickiest, and most humorous part to me, was that I was forced to Google ‘lemon zest’, because even though I have been mildly proficient in the kitchen since my teens, I was not aware there was a special term for shredded lemon peel. I was expecting to have to procure a fancy lemon extract or product from the grocery store.

Other than that minor issue, most of the ingredients were something we normally stocked in the pantry. We only had to pick up a couple items specifically for this recipe. Once all the items were located, actual prep time was relatively brief, and it was easy to clean all the utensils and prep area while it was in the oven. It did have to be chilled before slicing and consumption, so it technically is not ‘ready’ for a couple hours.

Cooking expertise: I did not pick this recipe for its ease in preparation, becuse as I stated earlier, I have been cooking for quite some time. Baking is more fun, in my opinion, and this is a recipe I was definitely interested in exploring, as a stock of protein bars would come in handy. The necessary measuring cups and spoons were something we already possessed, as we tend to cook most of our meals from scratch and I like to bake on occasion.

Racing Weight test kitchen

Ready for its close up, but must be chilled before consumption

 Running and athletic expertise: I have been running for 18 years now, at various distances. I tend to eat healthy to fuel that, and have recently turned from a mainly carbohydrate fueled diet to protein. The usage of more meat at dinner, protein shakes almost daily, and bars when called for, has changed my half marathon strength.


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