Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts (S.O.R.E.) running group interview

Recently I mustered up the courage to meet up with a local running group here in Southern Oregon, the Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts, otherwise known as S.O.R.E. The group meets all days of the week and times of the day all through the rogue valley. The group offers runners motivation to accomplish their goals. No matter your pace or expertise they’re open to anyone to come and join.

I met up with the 515 am group run at the Good Bean in Medford on a Tuesday and was surprised by the turnout. The organizer and founder of the group Nate Olsen took some time to answer a few questions about the group.

Why did you start this group, and what did you intend to get out of creating this group?

I wanted a universal place runners could go and find like minded runners.  For friendship, safety, motivation, education.

Did you feel like southern Oregon would have enough demand to meet your expectations for a group, and is the group where you imagined it being in less than 3 years?

Having just moved to Southern Oregon, I really had no idea what to expect.  What I did know is I was new to the area and wanted to meet other runners.  I couldn’t be the only one like this.  

Do you put on any races, or are they all just training run meet ups?

Currently Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts only helps train for racing, health and life.  But I am in the works of creating the first SORE race. Stay tuned…

How often does the group meet, and are there time slots to fit most peoples schedules?

With over 500 members and growing, I keep trying to add more group runs, days, time and location.  I am aiming toward NO EXCUSES.  Haha!  

Is there any other activities the group does beside running?

We hold a Thirsty Thursday on every 3rd Thursday of every month.  It’s great way to meet other runners at a social event.  No running required.  We’re working on a winter party and have met for movie night too.  

Is there a registration fee, and is the group open to all skill levels?

SORE does have an annual due of $10 (paid in person) or $11.50 (paid online).  I pride myself on SORE being open to ALL.  No secret groups or handshakes here.  ALL skill levels are welcome and encouraged.  I has seen and heard all the excuses why not to come out.  But I ask, what if you did?  Where would you be in 1 month, 6 months a year from know?  SORE is a place to learn, improve and make friends.  

Whats does the future look like for the SORE running group?

Good question…  Keep growing!  I plan to get weekly group runs in Grants Pass and Klamath Falls.  I am available for personal training (  Plus, a SORE race coming in 2015.  

I like to think of myself as a lone wolf when it comes to running, but found it nice to meetup and run with some like-minded folks. The group is friendly, and there was over 20 people all running different paces and loops. I went off with 2 others and we did a 5.5 mile run, and I enjoyed the company. I highly recommend the group and you can find when the group gets together by using the meetup website or app. They also have a page on Facebook at Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts.


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