“We’re Going Streaking!” How to get your (holiday) streak on


Complete with fig leaves. – Jeff Huber

You may have heard other people mention this “holiday streak” or just “streaking” in general – not the naked running kind, the running every day kind – and wondered, “is that a thing?”

Yes, it’s a thing, and today’s the first day to kick it off. (I also support starting it the day after Thanksgiving, because if this is your first day off in a while, you should get to do whatever you want.

A holiday streak is simply this: running a minimum of one mile every day between Thanksgiving and your choice of Christmas or New Year’s. I like New Year’s, because for most people, holiday eating extends beyond December 25.

Those are the only rules. One mile, each day. A few suggestions, though, to make it a little easier to stick to it:

  • Tell your friends and family what you’re doing. Not only will their support help you through the slug, but they’ll likely offer to join you and maybe start a streak of their own.
  • Put it on your calendar. A scheduled run is more likely to get done. I once did a year+ streak and there were days when it would be 9:30p and I’d realize hadn’t run yet.
  • Take some easy days. Seriously. Especially if you’re currently only running 4-5 days, make those extra days slower than your usual easy pace. Otherwise your other runs might suffer.
  • Add a hard day, too. If just one day a week you push yourself for that mile, you can make it a game to see if your “best” improves over this month.
  • Consider adding some races to the calendar. This mixes things up a little, and you can find races from both Columbia Gorge Running Club (CGRC) and Clark County Running Club (CCRC) offers races that are only $2 for non-members.
And finally, wait until you’re nearly done before you decide if you want to keep the streak going. There’s no reason to make it a year goal, either – one month at a time is great, or aim for the next holiday on your calendar!

Good luck, streakers!

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