Run Oregon Caption Contest and blooper reel

CAPTION CONTEST! SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTION BY NOVEMBER 10, 2014. Photo by Very Poplar Run and Dino added by Brian Hansen.

Ever wondered what it’s like to write for Run Oregon? See below the details of the caption contest …

But for now, we are looking for a caption for this photo taken at the 2014 Very Poplar Run and made more awesome by runner Brian Hansen. To submit your caption, post a comment to this post or to this post’s share on facebook.

We’ll select one to three favorites who will win a Run Oregon travel coffee mug for their creativity.

Want in on the fun?

Recently, Joe Dudman drove out to Boardman, Oregon for the Very Poplar Run. As per normal procedure, he posted in our facebook group that it was ready for scheduling. If you know Joe, you know he’s very punny. But his post about this particular run quickly got out of control when the rest of us tried to match him, tree joke for tree joke. Except Matt, who quickly realized we were getting nowhere.

We feel inspired by the opportunity to help you find new races. No one race is going to work for every runner, so we try to run as many as we can and then write about them so you can select the ones that look the best to you.

Click on the facebook thread image to read what type of hilarity ensues in the Run Oregon blogger facebook group … and if this looks like something you’d like to do, please do use our Contact Us page and start submitting race previews and recaps! We are always look for new bloggers.

Run Oregon bloggers are all volunteers; any advertising money goes towards the cost of things like our business license (for liability reasons) and fun things like Run Oregon travel mugs. But our bloggers receive perks from time to time for contributing – and we encourage you to have a blast when reviewing and recapping!

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