2014 Halloweenathon Recap and Results

I believe Halloween races are often the most fun, due to participants really getting into the spirit of the race. Whether the costumes are scary or funny, it is an interesting break from the standard sea of wicking materials and competition outfits generally seen on race day. Of course, it is often clever application of wicking materials, running shoes and some sort of whimsical add ons to complete the look. The end result is a good natured crowd that looks like an odd combination of sport and silly.

The participants are off!

Due to a last minute venue change, the Uberthons race completely switched styles. It went from a switch backed and paved ‘slow’ course, to a fast and grassy cross country one. With maybe 400 meters on pavement, the new course was all grass, and the big challenge was discovering where the slippery parts were. It was not overly muddy, but areas of standing water and slick grass made traction a bit of a challenge in some places. Once I remembered how to run fast off road (shorter strides, don’t push off from the toes), I was in business. The only factor that hampered me was the fact that I didn’t really have any good shoes for that kind of course and made the wrong decision with the ones I did bring. But with a golf cart leading the way, prolific cones and flags, pennants on poles marking most of the turns, and a spattering of helpful volunteers, this course became one of my favorites.

As with all the Uberthons events, organization was top notch. Music was playing outside, and the chutes were all set up by the time we arrived. Bib pickup was located inside ( a blessing in our unpredictable weather), and was a trouble free process. Post race entertainment included booth photos, a couple musicians, and nachos. It was definitely nice to sit inside and stretch while snacking on nachos rather than getting rained on. Medals were the coolest I have ever seen, with a Halloween graphic on the ribbon and a glow in the dark skeleton with blinking red eyes gracing the hardware.

Receiving pre-race instructions

From a personal standpoint, this was a great event. I felt comfortably on course and able to focus on my pace the whole time. The miles were marked, but I did this one without a watch and was happy to run by feel. The lack of any hills and sharp turns really made it a test of how good my speed really was, and how to cope with inconsistent terrain. I was happy to run one of my fastest off road 5Ks ever, and have my fingers crossed that the rumor I heard about returning to this course sometime in the summer is true. I would definitely make it to that one, as with some competition and dry ground this could be a record setter.

You can find a full list of all the results on the Uberthons site

5K Winners

Overall Male

1. Brian Bernier 31, 16:40

2. Adam Divergilio 40*, 17:26

3. Cesar Alcala 44*, 20:56

Overall Female

1.  Chausonette Alcala 43*, 20:55

2. Ashlee Brown 16, 21:18

3. Elle Walton 16, 22:01

Masters Male

1. Tung Yin 46, 21:10

2. Miles Brokaw 40, 23:19

3.  Brian Bellairs 55, 23:47

Masters Female

1. Stacey Hanf 46, 22:25

2. Jacqueline McKinney 46, 24;08

3. Ruth Schlachter 45, 24:30

10K Winners

Overall Male

1. Ross Crowley 42*, 38:36

2. Gino Graziano 35, 38:38

3. Darlan Costa 45*, 46:35

Overall Female

1. Jessica Graziano 36, 46:57

2. Stacey Hudson 37, 47:58

3. Sherry Minkiewicz 36, 50:25

Masters Male

1. Mike Nahorney 53, 48:07

2. Tim Van Dyne 56, 50:43

3. Jim Seely 49, 50:47

Masters Female

1. Lisa Bates 41, 51:57

2. Lori Engdall 57, 53:15

3. Lori Jordan 41, 54:37


15K Winners

Overall Male

1. Justin Green 31, 1:06:06

2. Devon Jarvis 51*, 1:07:38

3. John Bruckner 51*, 1:08:32

Overall Female

1. Emily Dimick 28, 1:06:09

2. Stacey Keyser 42*, 1:12:55

3. Mariah Jeffery 34, 1:13:24

Masters Male

1. John Patrick Riley 57, 1:15:52

2. Mike Orth 46, 1:22:38

3.  Gary Stockhoff 56, 1:24:46

Masters Female

1. Jayne Simmons 52, 1:19:30

2. Deborah Bordonaro 48, 1:20:22

3. Hilary Peck 40, 1:24:25


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