Kickstarter of the Week: Spot360

Product:  Spot360

Location:  Dayton, OH

Link:  Kickstarter

Kickstarter End Date:  Dec. 1st, 2014

Current Pledge:  $2,018

I absolutely love my Tracer360 from Noxgear!  If you’ve missed Maryalicia’s product review on this cool piece of running gear, you can check it out HERE.   Now, our four legged running buddies have an option for a safety, high visibility vest as well.  Checkout the kickstarter and make a pledge before the early bird incentives are all gone!

There is no denying the dwindling daylight in our fall and winter months and many activities and training runs in the summer take place in the cool of the evening to avoid the heat.  We want to stay visible.  Don’t forget your four legged running buddies and keep them safe and visible too!

A new feature to this vest (unlike Tracer360) is it will be rechargeable with micro USB port.  No more batteries!

This visibility vest isn’t messing around.  There are several color modes to select from with blinking lights or solid colors, 360 degree coverage for full visibility with a 3M scotchlite  reflective trim.  These vests are bursting with color and eye catching, even in our PNW rainy evenings.  These vests are rainproof as well and ready for any season.  Remove the lighting gear, and the vest is also washable!

The vest promises to be easy to use and adjustable.  Spot360 can be worn with a variety of types of leashes or harnesses for your pup and easily adjusted for the right size for any size of dog.

I love my noxgear and wanted to share this super cool deal for those of you who walk and run with your dogs.

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