Guest Preview: Oak Hills Turkey Trot (or the top 10 reasons while I will miss this race!)

By Amy Little

You might not know that I used to be a Run Oregon Blogger. And then I resigned to spend more time focusing on my family and my health. And then I moved to Idaho.

So when I say I’ll miss the event not only do I mean I’ll miss it, as in not run it miss it, but I will miss it like you miss your best friends miss it. And trust me, I know a little something about missing your best friends….

Now you’re all caught up on me and why I’m writing a race preview about an event I won’t be able to run this year and why I’m posting on Run Oregon as a guest blogger from Idaho. That’s enough about me.

Here are the top ten reasons why I will miss running the Oak Hills Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning (which is November 27 this year):

10. No better way to earn your Thanksgiving debauchery than a 2 or 5 mile run around a beautiful and historic Beaverton neighborhood. Every year I try to run it faster than I did the year before. That’s a challenge because I don’t know if you know this, but I’m not getting any younger. But I DO keep getting faster. And thus, I can eat more. Right?

9. High fiving friends and neighbors SEVERAL times over. The 2 mile walk goes in the opposite direction from the 5 mile run. And you know A LOT of people who attend this event. Last year I think they topped over 1000 participants (including the four-legged variety. For reals.) Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends and family doing something healthy and also cheering me along. Those negative splits don’t happen on their own. It really does take a village.

8. FREE BREAKFAST. Is there really anything else to say? It’s quite a delicious spread with plenty of carbs, fruit and Coffee. There’s also hot chocolate for the kids and non-coffee lovers out there.

7. It really is fun for the whole family. Aside from the 5 and 2 mile options, there’s also a half mile kids event, 2 laps around the Oak Hills track and every kiddo gets a ribbon. Last year there were HOARDS of kids, I mean so many kids who were up early on Thanksgiving a revving their little engines to run a half mile when they could have been at home watching cartoons. That’s what I would have done at their age.

6. Someone in my family always wins a pie. I’m not much of a chef/baker, well I don’t bake at all so this event literally takes care of our Thanksgiving dessert. Every year someone in my family wins a pie. So this year, sorry kids, no pie in our house. Hope you’re cool with the ice cream part of pie à la mode. Because that’s all I’ve got for you.

5. I’m the proud owner of a RoadID bracelet. This is also a big deal. RoadID donates gift certificates and coupons every year so I paid next to nothing for my bracelet and I don’t know why I waited so long to get one. So I was kind of hoping to win another gift certificate and get one for the kids this year. Because I’m cheap. Which brings me to reason #4 why I will miss running this event.

4. The fee for this race is $2 and 2 cans of food. That’s it. When was the last time you ran 5 miles for $2 and 2 cans of food? Well if you ran the Oak Hills Turkey Trot last year that would be when. And that’s just a “suggested donation” per their website. So you can do more OR less. (I recommend at least that or more, less is just not cool). And the students of the school donate ALL money to a cause they choose and the food goes to a local food pantry every year.

3. No chip timing. GASP! The horror! No, there is no chip timing. But I LOVE that about this event. It’s the simplest most fun thing you can do for yourself. Run a race without having to stand in line when you finish at the iPad kiosk to see how you placed in your age group. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MATTER. Not on Thanksgiving! It’s the best time to be THANKFUL for legs that work, clean air in your lungs and that Garmin you wear so you DO know your time and if you did achieve those negative splits.

2. Dogs are welcome at this event. Many people even register them and put bibs on them. Seriously. It’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. And this is ALSO a stroller friendly event. Just no bikes. So pretty much ANYONE can run or walk the 2 or 5 mile option WITH their dog AND a stroller (I’ve seen it done!) If you’re really thinking maybe the dog can pull your stroller? I don’t know, I don’t have either of those items but I’m just spit-balling here. That way you can carry your warm cup of coffee in BOTH hands.

1. I can’t find an event like this where I live now. This makes me sad. This is such a wonderfully fun community event like no other and of course that means it’s a one of a kind. My bestie, Turkey Trot organizer Cyndie Pelto, says I should start one here. But I never could, because the Oak Hills Turkey Trot is a one of a kind, special event that can’t be replicated. From the people who organize it to the folks who come out to run and walk, it would be impossible to replace. Just like my friends there.

So I’ll really miss this event, both being there and also miss participating and being with such a wonderful community. I know I’ll find an event here to run, after all how can I earn the pie I won’t win if I’m not racing on Thanksgiving morning? It just wouldn’t be the same.

Do yourself a favor and join the Oak Hills community on Thanksgiving morning. You won’t regret it, nor will your pocket-book and your do-gooder self will love you, too. And, as you’re running that last .5 of the 5 mile run, consider yourself high-fived by me because you’ve earned it. And pie. And ice cream. Turkey…..stuffing…..gravy…..did I mention pie?

Event Schedule:
November 27:
7:45am – Bib pick-up/Race Day Registration
8:30am – 1/2 mile kids run (on track behind school)
9am – 5 mile Run
9:10am – 2 mile run/walk
RSVP TODAY! on Eventbrite.
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