Bend Beer Chase: Run Oregon is fielding a team

Back on September 8, Matt Rasmussen wrote a preview for the Beer Bend Chase that is being held on Saturday, October 11. Run Oregon has decided to  field a team for this event and will blog about our experience running this new one-day relay in Central Oregon.

Why are we running this race?

I have done a number of relay races over the years including Hood to Coast and Cascade Lakes Relay which were great experiences. Back in May I got a chance to run my first one-day Twelve Bridges Relay which was a fantastic experience. When I heard about Cascade Lakes Relay Group offering their own one-day relay I was excited and ready to start a team. First, Bend is a great place to visit, especially for runners and beer enthusiasts. Second, one-day relays offer the same team camaraderie and fun with less time commitment, cost and mileage.

I frequently travel to Bend for races and have had an opportunity to check out a number of the breweries. One of my favorites is Worthy Brewing Co. which has a great selection of food and drinks. Worthy Brewing Co. is the starting point for the Bend Beer Chase course and will kick-off your racing and brewery tour.

My fellow teammate Robin shares her thoughts on running this relay.

“I’m looking forward to this event as I explore a city I am not well acquainted with and become reacquainted with some breweries in the area and learn about others and what they have on tap. I’m really excited about the last leg of the race, the 6Keg. This is an opportunity to finish this one day relay as a team, running all together (or walking through a beer crawl together?). The timing portion of the event will have ended at Crow’s Feet Commons in downtown Bend. This is essentially where the relay ends. Vans are parked and no longer an element to the race. Now that the clock has stopped for this portion of the event, the relayers can just kick back with friends/teammates and go through the brewery tours at a leisurely pace. The 6Keg will feature 6 breweries and teams will be encountering samples, games contests and more. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect end to an already fun event?

I’m also looking forward to checking out the Bendistillery and sampling the spirits they have on tap there. Particularly I’d like to sample the Crater Lake Pepper Vodka. Take their award-winning Crater Lake Vodka and infuse it with five different peppers from sweet to hot for drink balanced with flavor and spice. Their website features some drink recipes and the “Pepper Cocoa” is something I’ll have to try and make sometime.”

Help us name the Run Oregon team:

Relay runners are creative bunch, we have a lot of time to think while we run, so Run Oregon would like your help in picking a team name.  Select a favorite from the survey below or offer your own fun pun or witty suggestion. We will announce the winning team name in our next Bend Beer Chase article along with more thoughts from our other teammates on why they are running the Bend Beer Chase.

If this race appeals to you, there is still time to whip together a team of one to six people for the Bend Beer Chase, but don’t wait too long since the race is capped at 100 teams.

Build a team and come join Run Oregon to experience the newest relay in Central Oregon.


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