Kickstarter of the Week: Jaha

Product: Jaha
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
Website: Jaha
Kickstarter End Date:  Sept. 25th, 2014
Current Pledge: $41,305 of $25,000

Let’s be honest. For participating in a sport that really only requires a pair of shoes (and sometimes not even that), running is expensive! Coupled with that, sometimes staying in shape can be challenge for those desiring a gym membership or personal trainer. Activity tracking devices are an alternative, but can cost a bunch as well. How can we afford it all?

Enter Jaha

Jaha prides itself with being “The Most Affordable Fitness Band” on the market. From their campaign:

Our co-founder Patrick is a normal fitness enthusiast and an overall gadget lover.  Patrick like most other owned some kind of fitness band such as the Fitbit, Jawbone, Fuelband, etc.  All of these bands had 2 things in common. They are expensive and also included an app that simply did not do much other than throw a bunch of numbers at you.

That’s where the idea of Jaha came to be. We wanted to make sure that everyone could have access to a fitness band without having to overpay. We realized that motivation plays a big factor in how you would use a fitness tracker so what we came up with the “Fitness for All” model.

Which meant, an ultra affordable fitness band paired with the world’s most interactive and motivational fitness app by using three simple steps: Locate, Challenge, and Motivate.

There are a lot of details on what the band has to offer, from unique challenges, to locating nearby runners or workout partners, to the simple stuff like tracking steps. And all this right now for $29! That’s an impressive price tag. Maybe this is the next big wave!

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Matt Rasmussen lives in Keizer, Ore. with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys watching hockey, going to as many breweries (618) and wineries (152) as he can, and all things Canada (he was born there). Matt was raised as a baseball player and officially transitioned over to running in 2010.

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