Kickstarter of the Week: NoNips

Product:  NoNips Breast Pads
Location:  Gilbert, AZ
Link:  Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date:  Sept. 19th, 2014
Current Pledge: $1,384 of $8,800
Our bodies sometimes do things that are also perfectly natural and at the same time, perfectly embarrassing.  It all depends on your personal perspective, but at times these things can often lead to self consciousness, embarrassment or perhaps making a moment memorable for the wrong reasons.
“What on earth are you talking about?!”  Let me explain.  I’ll speak bluntly now from this moment on…

Nipple erection.
We’ve all seen it.  Some of us politely avert our eyes and focus to maintain eye contact.  Sometimes we are working out at the gym to catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror… and realize our “headlights” are on hi beam.  They scream “Look at me!”  but that isn’t typically what we want to happen.  Please don’t notice. Please pretend to not notice.  I fell completely embarrassed when it happens.  Many women face the same challenges whether we talk about it or not.
 A good friend of mine posted a link for me to review her recent race photos from an epic event.  “Should I buy any of these photos?”  She asked in her email.  I looked through the pictures captured with her bib number and was in awe of her her strength and how well she had done at this particular event.  “Yes!  Buy them all!  I really like the one of you finishing at the end.”  I saw her eyes glowing with pride.  Her quads engaged as she put on her “beast mode” and finished strong.  I saw her winning smile and how amazing she must have felt to be finishing as one of the top females not only in her age group but for the whole event.  She saw erect nipples.  I recommended she buy that photo and frame it.  Get the digital version and make it her facebook profile picture.  She saw “too much headlights”.
Whether it’s something that only you notice and feel self conscious about, or if it is something that everyone sees, there is a new kickstarter project for a product to help conceal and keep the focus on our workout, our efforts and our winning moments.
NoNips breast pads are shaped to contour our athletic wear and our bodies to create a seamless look.  They promise to conceal errect nipples during any type of physical activities, such as running, yoga, working out or any other activity.
The design uses Polartec Fabric Technology designed to wick moisture away from the body while also resisting odors.
Stay in place while offering a seamless look.  No one will know it’s there!
Fits into most sports bras and athletic tops with built in bras
And easily cared for because it is machine washable.
Simply put on your athletic top/bra as you would normally and then place the NoNips in place underneath the garment.  Adjust as needed so that you have your seamless look and comfortable.  When done with your activity, place in a mesh bag (provided with the product) for easy washing.  Lay on a flat surface to dry.  Pretty easy.
The funds raised through this campaign will enable them to produce their product into mass production.   Previously they had had prototype tested and refined NoNips with a sampling of 122 women ranging in ages from 18-65 (50% had augmentation).  All funds collected will go directly towards manufacturing enough units so that they can launch and the remainder will go towards advertising.
The sky is the limit where you can use NoNips.  Wear them while you dance, do fitness training, work, socializing or wherever you want.  They are designed for the everyday woman and everyday life.
“Gone are the days of humiliation caused by unwanted nipple erections.  We hope NoNips gives you the confidence you deserve on your next workout.”