Milestone Pod Product Review, Part Deux

The one where I almost managed to not screw it up

For those of you following along at home, you may remember I had the great fortune to review a Milestone Pod back in July.  You might also remember it didn’t last long, at least all in one piece, under my care.

The good folks at Milestone Pod graciously sent me another one to test out and I’m happy to report I’ve managed to keep it intact and in good working order for almost an entire month!

What Milestone Pod is like when it’s not in pieces on the asphalt

After spending some more time with it, I maintain the appeal this product had for me from the beginning.  It’s pretty slick and easy to use, although I did have some issues with the software side of things which would likely have been avoided by not having had a pod (may it rest in peace) already installed and synced with my phone.

I thought having this second pod might yield some insight into how the first one managed to escape from my shoe to its untimely demise.  After many runs and many miles, I can’t seem to account for why the original one would have come off.  I did move the second pod a hair lower on the lace bed, but that was mainly an auditory choice since I discovered my shoelaces tapping on the pod made for a somewhat aggravating running soundtrack. Out of the way of the laces, it’s silent and seemingly just as secure as the first one.

A gadget that actually makes things simpler

The beauty of the pod is that it syncs with an app on your phone, not only storing the miles on the pod itself, but providing a more detailed readout within the app. The app itself is true to the simplistic tone of the pod, and its user-friendly interface makes it easy to see  your pace, cadence, and distance. It also gives you fun little trophies for various running-related accomplishments.

The real feature that sets this apart from other run storage apps like Strava or Nike Plus for me is the inherent simplicity.  After the initial set up, there’s nothing to do.  Once on your shoe, it collects data that’s there for you whenever you feel like accessing it. If you’re not starting with brand new shoes, it even lets you enter previous miles to a pair of shoes so you can build on the estimated mileage.

Since I really just can’t be bothered with life stuff or thing-doing when my brain is on run-mode, the more process between me and my run, the more frustrated I get.  That Milestone Pod is pretty much part of my shoe and totally neglect-able makes it an easy solution for someone with little-to-no patience, like me. You don’t have to remember to do something before your run, or tag your shoes into a particular run tracker, which was always the biggest problem I had.

I look forward to putting in almost no effort, but getting more information on my shoes and my runs so I know when it’s time to retire them.

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