Race Preview: Timberline Mountain Run

The Timberline Mountain Run is exactly how it sounds. No messing around at sea level going on here. One of the highest foot races in Oregon, the entire course is above 5,000 feet in altitude, with 3,900 feet of total elevation change. Trail, mountain slope and just a touch of road make up this 6.97 mile loop course. If you are an accomplished trail runner, which I am not, or a mountain hiking enthusiast (I am) what better way to mix your desire to race with your desire to climb? This would also be an excellent run for those of us training for other higher altitude events, like the relay I am running in mid-August which will feature elevation of up to 8,000 feet. Pretty intimidating for a sea level runner like myself!

Featured in the August 2014 issue of Runner’s World, this event hosts the Mountain Running Team Championships. There are only two requirements for a team: at least two members and at least one of them female. There’s no limit to team size. Simply list your team name when you register.

Trophies will be awarded to the top three male and female runners, and ribbons will be given to division winners. Team Champions will have ribbons mailed to them.

The race will start and finish at Timberline Lodge. Post-race festivities will include a hot dog bar and beer or soft drinks. Other food and beverages will be available for purchase.

What: Timberline Mountain Run

When: August 10th at 10:00 AM

Where: Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood. Wy’East Day Lodge: 27500 East Timberline Road, Timberline Lodge, OR 97028.

Registration: $35.00 through August 8th. (You can also purchase a commemorative bandanna for another $6.00.)

$40.00 Day of Race

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  1. The 2013 Timberline Mt. Run was THE MOST rewarding race, out of the 25 I participated in, I ran last year. The only reason I am not running it this year is due to a very necessary eye surgery (non-running related) that has taken me out of my training and cross-training. Sign up for this and you will not be disappointed and I promise you will leave more challenged than you ever thought possible!!!

    P.S. I’m on the right side of the above pic with the white singlet and bright orange Nike’s on 🙂

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