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Male athletes are now drinking breast milk for energy, true story

* So, um, there’s a new trend(?) in sports recovery drinks. At first, I thought maybe this was some kind European trend, but the two guys who are quoted in the story are from the New York area. Anyway, it’s breast milk….

* We’re #3! Portland ranks #3 in the top 50 U.S. metro areas in “overall health and fitness” according to the American College of Sports Medicine. (In case you’re wondering, we were beat out by Washington, D.C.[!] and Minneapolis-St. Paul.)

* Meanwhile, the rest of the world is “catching up” to the U.S., if by catching up, you mean increasing in obesity rate.

* “7 Things You’re Probably Not Paying Attention to When You Run (But Should Be)“: Well, #4 and #5 have been covered here at Run Oregon….

* “Is There an Ideal Running Weight?“: The answer isn’t necessarily what you might have expected; “I am never sure how to answer ideal weight for running questions. My gut feel is that an ideal weight for running is near your ideal body weight for height.”

* “21 Quick Trail Running Tips“: I love #13 – “Run like MacGyver”!

* Pro runner Lauren Fleshman was on a flight, sitting next to a recreational marathon runner, and they started talking about running. The guy asked her if she runs marathons. When she said she ran mostly 5Ks, he told her, “Keep trying, you’ll get there eventually.” Um, Fleshman is way past “there”

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