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* Which works better for you, group fitness classes or gym membership? Truth be told, in our part of the country, you can probably get by with neither and just run outside, rain or shine. (I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to bad weather, though, and my addiction to TV makes the treadmill somewhat appealing.)

* Move aside, Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken. Here’s a true iron man, a guy who’s run eight miles a day for almost 40 years! That’s awesome, although I’d think it would get boring doing the same distance and pace every day. As I’ve said before, variety is the spice of running.

* Here’s a pretty good recap of the issues underlying the Vibrams false advertising lawsuit (which was settled last week). I’m not a barefoot runner so I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I can see where some people might have felt misled by Vibrams. This article includes Vibrams’ claims, among them:

Imagine footwear that might just make running safer and healthier, by encouraging a forefoot strike and a more natural running form that creates less impact on the knees, hips and lower back. That is what Vibram FiveFingers can offer.

I previously discussed some of the research about foot strike, and Vibrams’ claim that a forefoot strike “make[s] running safer and healthier” seems to run up against studies finding that forefoot strikes may increase metatarsal stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, and other foot injuries.

* More people are running, especially adventure races, while bar-type activities (billiards, darts, etc.) are becoming less popular. But hey, bars can try to tap into this trend with more beer runs, eh?

* I don’t do much running at night (and if I do, it’s almost certainly on a treadmill), but if you do and you’re looking for ways to be safer, take a look at the smartphone app bSafe. Among other features, it’s got a “timer mode” that tracks your location by GPS and if you haven’t “checked in” by a set time, it’ll alert your “friends” and give them access to your live location.

* Another item for the “you’re never too old to start running” file, or rather, “reasons to keep running so your old age will be spry”: “Lifelong exercise can help you maintain speed and fitness as you age.”

* 19 injury prevention tips.

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