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*I’m trying to coin a new term: “getting Rupp’d,” which means “having someone else outrun your PR race pace at their easy pace.” 

* Race pace calculators are pretty neat things; just take a recent race time, plug it in, and see what your finishing time “should” be at other distances. Yet, I’m consistently able to run faster than I should be for shorter distances, and unable to run at the predicted time for longer distances. (That is, I can run a mile faster than my 5K time predicts, but I can’t run a 10K as fast as my 5K time predicts.) Here are some thoughts on why the calculators aren’t perfect.

zombies hate fast food 2* Most fitness apps don’t motivate effectively, according to this story. Well, if you want motivation, try the Zombie, Run! app. It pairs up with music or podcasts or audiobooks, whatever you’re listening to, except every once in a while you get immersed in a “Walking Dead”-kind of storyline, with zombies chasing you.

* Sometimes people say, “I’m too old to start running.” You know who’s not too old to run? How about 95 year old Olga Kotelko, the subject of a pretty fascinating book about running, aging, and competing at advanced elderly ages. Or 77 year old Libby James, who set the world record for her age group by running a half marathon in 1:45:56. (Yeah, she’s running 8 minute miles!)

* The Beer Mile record run:

It’s not the only goofy kind of chug-and-run; there are plenty of others, including the Milk Mile, the Burrito Mile, the Darth Valley Challenge, and something that would seem at home in Portland, the Naked Mile.

* Speaking of naked running, do you ever wonder what it would be like? Here’s a pretty long recap of one (no pictures, so it’s work-safe).

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