Kickstarter of the Week: LumaGlo BEACON LED Safety Belt

BEACON by LumaGlo

Product: LumaGlo Beacon LED Safety Belt
Location: Beaverton, OR
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: July 4, 2014
Current Pledge: $4,081 of $20,000 goal

Safety is an important part of a runner’s life. Being visible to cars is crucial to surviving runs and bike rides. While reflective and “high visibility” gear is becoming more readily available, outdoor activities during low-light conditions can still be dangerous.

Be seen with the LumaGlo BEACON! This wearable belt has several light settings that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your smartphone. It is available in several sizes, for children up to waist size of 40″. For bicyclists, the longer sash is worn cross body and features an accelerometer-based brake light function. So what is the LumaGlo Beacon?

Smart, wearable LED’s that provide intense visibility to those that want to be seen, including pedestrians, cyclists & motorcyclists. But wait….there’s more! We integrated groundbreaking technology into these lights–resulting in the world’s first Bluetooth controlled wearable safety system that gives the user full freedom of expression while saving lives. The Bluetooth control connects the belt to the one thing we can’t leave home without–our phones!

While visibility isn’t as much of an issue during the summer, gloomy fall and winter runs will soon be back, and I look forward to adding this safety belt to my running gear. In the meantime, I’ll be given the chance to try it out during my Hood To Coast nighttime run. If the product gets enough funding, they will go into production over the summer and be ready to ship by October, just in time for the end of daylight savings time. You can reserve yours for as little as $69. For more details, visit LumaGlo’s website, Kickstarter, or Facebook page.

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