Kickstarter of the Week: Runbell

Runbell-Frustration-Free-Urban-Running-02Product: Runbell
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Link: Kickstarter
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Current Pledge: $0.00 of $20,000

“On Your Left!”

This is a phrase that is all to often heard on packed trails and congested cities where runners inhabit. The latest Kickstarter of the Week is kicking off its campaign today and is seeking to catch the eye (and ear) of runners around the world who may need a little help with catching the attention of others.


Kevin Nadolny and Tomoko Yano are the founders of Runbell and are husband and wife.

Kevin has been running since the 2011 tsunami in East Japan.  Running home from work in Tokyo can be frustrating due the number of pedestrians and bicycles sharing the streets.  The Runbell concept was born as a bicycle bell and slowly formed into the sleek stylish design you see on this page.

Runbell is:

A sleek, stylish, wearable bell solves the vexing problem of running in crowded areas where runners and pedestrians share the same path.

Runbell is worn on a runners hand to let those know that you are coming up on them without having to resort to your voice. The product is worn over two fingers and then runners would use their thumbs to flick the spring to hit the brass bell.

Size may not be an issue either as:

Adjustability is key when not everyone has the exact same size finger. We designed Runbell to be slightly oversized. With two pairs of silicone inserts, you can reduce the ring size to fit YOUR finger perfectly. On cold days, leave out the inserts and wear gloves.


$20 will net you an Early Backer Runbell, which will rise to $25 after the first 50 backers.


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