Indidgogo of the Week: “Foot” documentary

- Photo via Foot documentary

– Photo via Foot documentary

The Kickstarter of the Week feature is taking a brief 1-week hiatus while we move over to another crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, for this most recent installment.

Product: Foot
Location: Portland, OR
Link: Indiegogo
Kickstarter End Date: June 4, 2014
Current Pledge: $19,846.00 of $55,000

foot-documentary-logoRunners talk a lot about running shoes. We measure things by heel to toe offset and know how much they weigh- down to the ounce.  We also debate minimalist shoes ad nauseum at times. Regardless of differing opinions and perspectives, most all runners can agree that our shoes are one of our most treasured items in our closet. An upcoming documentary, Foot, being put together here in Portland seeks to look further into our obsession with shoes. From their campaign:

Most people are aware that shoes can hurt, but few are aware of how harmful poorly designed footwear can be. Social norms influence us to cover our feet for a variety of reasons, but we pay a heavy price for this cultural obsession with shoes. Most modern footwear actually deforms the human foot over time, and in some cases can be debilitating. As found in the Barefoot Book “One in three Americans visit a podiatrist at least once in their lifetimes due to chronic foot pain”, an ailment which rarely occurs in barefoot cultures.

“Foot” unveils the reality of our current dysfunctional relationship with feet, and gives voice to the doctors, athletes, shoemakers, and advocates who are pioneering a different way of thinking about foot health. The first step towards a brighter, healthier future is to take off our shoes and walk free.

I can’t initally tell if the documentary is going to “encourage” barefoot running or just seek to look further into the running shoe business.

By pledging this, you will assist with:

Travel expenses for filming interviewees and locations

Compensating crew members for their time and hard work

Equipment rentals

Animation and graphics to be added in during post production

Editing, mixing, color correcting

Getting rewards to all of our backers!

There are plenty of different levels to back at and many different rewards for each level. There is everything from desktop wallpaper, a digital download of the film, t shirts and sweatshirts – really something for everyone. Typically, when I see Kickstarter campaigns for movies or films, the backing level is for access to the film only. Adding different rewards is a cool and unique take.

Please note that Run Oregon does not support one form of running over another. We are in support of all runners finding out what works for them and providing information to our readers for education and entertainment purposes. 

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