#RunBret has covered nearly 300 miles so far

#RunBret doesn't let any snow hold him back! Credit: Desiree, who takes Bret out for runs on a regular basis.

#RunBret doesn’t let any snow hold him back! Credit: Desiree, who takes Bret out for runs on a regular basis.

Our dear friend Bret Henry is working hard on recovery – able to walk with slight assistance for short distance – but thanks to the Run Oregon Blog and the running community he’s run 275 miles as of March 22, 2013. If you’re not familiar with Bret’s story, read this post. The short version: Bret, an avid runner and active Marathon Maniac from Lake Oswego, suffered a shattered hip in December while at work and is fighting back through recovery the doctors expect will take 9-12 months.

You can run with #RunBret, too! You don’t need to actually print out his picture – just sending him good wishes while on your run counts, too. Log your miles here – and please share this with your running network to help us rack up his miles!

Some runners log shorter runs with him, others take him along on epic journeys of 20+ miles. One thing they all have in common is that they seem to be inspired by Bret’s recovery to truly enjoy their ability to run. Even if they aren’t feeling great, there’s a level of camaraderie present when you run “for” someone else. He’s run in at least four states so far, and I know I’ll take him with me to New Orleans next month!

From Desiree, after a 9 mile run:

“We had a tough rehab run together today, Bret. Pain was my running partner today, but I kept telling myself what I always tell you: “It won’t always feel like this.” It was a beautiful morning in Forest Park, though, and we were surrounded by friends.” 

From Charles, who always signs his run reports “Good Healing,” after a 13.2-mile run:

“I don’t think I ever really appreciated what we have here, not until today. Thanks for running with me.”

Editor’s note: Charles, if you’re reading this, we’d love to post your accuracy comparison on the six running apps you tested on your Sylvan Hill run!

From Brianna, who ran 9 miles around Tillamook, Ore:

“Run full of sunshine on the country roads around Tillamook!”

Remember to log your Miles with Bret online here and feel free to share it on social media with #RunBlog. I have a feeling we’re going to blow through 1,000 miles by June … let’s see if we can hit 5,000 by December 31st!

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