Product Review: Ultimate Direction Handy 20 Handheld Water Bottle

Handy20When I was given the opportunity to review the Ultimate Direction Handy 20 handheld water bottle from the Jenny Jurek collection, I wondered how it would work out for me since I hadn’t used a handheld in years.

I’m much more prone to using a belt for my hydration needs. However, for those runs that are less than ten miles on a slightly warm day I often go back and forth on whether or not I really need to wear that bulky belt. However, I hate getting thirsty on a run so I need something.

I tested out this product on a ten-miler and again on a seven-miler on a warmer day. The first thing I noticed was the sleek, ergonomic design. The bottle itself is very attractive. There’s an adjustable mesh strap that fits over your fingers and tightens down to your comfort level. Having this strap over your fingers means you don’t have to grip the bottle so tight to hold on to it, and it’s very soft and comfortable.

On the opposite side of the bottle there’s a zip up pocket that I was able to comfortable fit a folded GU packet and a house key in. The pouch also holds a plastic clip that could be used to secure your key.


– Photo courtesy of Ultimate Direction

The next part of the equation involved actually drinking from the bottle. There is, of course, the option to twist the entire lid off and drink from it that way, but that somewhat defeats the purpose. The lid is designed with a valve which contains holes from which to suck water through. The problem I ran into was with the sucking part. I found that I had to bite on the valve, pull it out as far as I could and then really suck to get any water out. My personal preference is to have the water come out much easier, even if it means I have to open and close a push down lid each time I take a drink. That being said, this element of the design is completely based on preference, and I can see how many folks would like the simplicity of being able to raise the bottle to your lips and drink whenever without having anything to open or close.

Overall I think this is a great product, even though the drinking valve was a mild deterrent to me. I can imagine that plenty of others would find it perfect. Definitely worth finding out! They have a number of great products on their website, including water belts and hydration packs and other styles of handhelds. Check them out here.

MSRP: $25.95

Specifications from Ultimate Direction website:

  • Weight: 3.5 oz. / 100g
  • Capacity: 12 in3 / 0.20 L
  • Fluid: 20 oz. / 0.6 L


  • NeoMesh: Wicking mesh is lightweight and breathable for optimal ventilation and moisture management
  • 150D Rip Stop: Lightweight fabric provides freedom and durability
  • Power Stretch Mesh: Provides versatility with a supportive stretch material that expands for variable capacity
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