Product Review: Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands Logo

Sweaty Bands Logo

Having hair in your face when you are running is not fun. I don’t know how many runners agree, but I would think it is a universal feeling among us. That being said, I am always on the lookout for something to keep my pony tail in place, and the wisps outta my face. Thankfully, to the rescue, comes a delightful product called Sweaty Bands!

So just what are these awesome things that I have fallen in love with? Sweaty Bands are a line of fitness headbands that do not slip, look incredible, and are available in so many different designs and colors that you can have one for every day, every outfit, and look super stylish and pulled together. The product can even be hand washed and use over and over again, which is super important to me as a runner. And one really neat thing about Sweaty Bands is that they are made in the United States.

Sorority Sweaty Bands

Sorority Sweaty Bands

When you look at the Sweaty Bands store online, there are (what seems like) a million patterns, colors, designs, and sizes to choose from. It’s like a ‘running clothes closet accessory heaven’. But really, I have found myself adding many to my wish list just based on outfits I would wear while I wasn’t even running or training! So cool. This is a universal accessory, not just a running accessory. Some of the choices available include the Greek college collection, tailgate collection, floral, funky, polka dots, the thin bands and the thick bands … really, the choices are endless.

Sweaty Bands "Breast Cancer Awareness" Band

Sweaty Bands “Breast Cancer Awareness” Band

Being a member of the Half Fanatics running group, I had previously viewed the Sweaty Bands on their website. Members of the Half Fanatics club have the opportunity to purchase club related items, and a custom Sweaty Band is one of the choices. I was intrigued by this, but had never experienced a Sweaty Bands product before. Now that I have, I will be purchasing the Half Fanatics custom version! You can also create and purchase custom Sweaty Bands through their website, too. Love this! It would be awesome if races offered this option in lieu of a t-shirt if participants desired (though I do adore my race shirts!).

Definitely check out Sweaty Bands; I am loving mine and will definitely be adding to the (soon to be) growing collection! If you need some ideas to get your collection started, check out some looks that other fans have posted.