Kickstarter of the Week: Rundercover – The Audio Running Game

Product: Rundercover – The Audio Running Game
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: April 1, 2014

Current Pledge: $2,705 of $60,000

As phone apps continue to innovate and find resonance in their running market, we will keep seeing creative spins on “interactive” running. Rundercover is one such iteration of using Smart Technology to engage with running in a new and exciting way. Rundercover analyzes movement with your Smart Phone and uses voice command to play.

This game allows you to engage in a thrilling tale of espionage and achieve missions, the more you run. Rundercover, with the help of Kickstarter, will release an iOS compatible app that will provide the user with several hours of game play, 20 missions with ability to track your activity and compare with friends, and Game Center support. As you achieve missions, you earn points, and in turn can purchase many different weapons and gadgets to help your gameplay as you progress.

Purchase all kinds of gadgets to take out the bad guys!

Purchase all kinds of gadgets to take out the bad guys!

There are other games that have been developed and that are on the market, but what makes the premise of Rundercover so interesting is that you can use voice commands, meaning that you can just keep moving and proceeding in the game. This will be a truly interactive experience and from their Kickstarter it seems like one of the features will be orientation, where you will be directed to go in certain directions or address a certain threat. 

I could see this being really fun for any runner and a good way to shake your routine up if you are getting the ‘blahs’. If you pledge $10 or more you get access to the app and a backer-only forum to discuss the app. You can back the Kickstarter up to $4,000 and join the makers of the game in Switzerland and continue your adventure.

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