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Kickstarter of the Week: EarTaps™

Dynamically Adjustable EarTaps™

Dynamically Adjustable EarTaps™

I run with my iPhone because I like to listen to music and podcasts. I know its not for everyone, but for me I like to blast "Timber" by Pitbull and Ke$ha. If you have the standard iPhone headphones, you know they're not terrible, but even the slightest tug will cause them to fall out of your ears. Welcome to a brave new world. EarTaps™ are fully adjustable ear buds that can work for any ear shape. As someone, who has very tiny ears, this sounds like a godsend.

How it works is that the EarTaps™ are like ear buds, but they have a plastic/silicone mold that rests gently on the curved part of your ear that is right above your ear canal.

EarTaps™ are in and Yeezus is at full blast. Of course.

EarTaps™ are in and Yeezus is at full blast. Of course.

EarTaps™ was kind enough to send me a prototype set to try out on my run. It was definitely an adjustment, even though I already wear iPhone ear buds. I really liked them! For being a prototype I lowered my expectation, but these were awesome and almost felt like they weren’t there. The sound quality was also great. I did miss my remote iPhone buds so I can skip songs and pause my workout on Nike+, but they were still great and stayed in my ears really well. I have small ears, so it is more of a challege, but the extenders just pop down and you put it in your ear and it’s in place. The cord was also really sturdy and seemed like it could withstand a two year old snatching them from my purse and flinging them all over the place — this is my life.

I am really excited to see what EarTaps™ comes out with as they get the funding they need, but the basic idea is great.

Updates to the current EarTaps™ model.

Updates to the current EarTaps™ model.

EarTaps™ is currently in a Kickstarter Campaign  to reach their  $28,000 goal so they can bring their product onto the market both abroad and in the U.S.

The coolest part to me about this Kickstarter is that if you pledge $199 or more to their efforts you will receive a DIY EarTaps™ Kit that includes internal parts and printing files for you to use your own 3-D printer and soldering tools to assemble your very own EarTaps™. Kind of a nerd-fest, but also kind of cool to have the ability to print things 3-D if you are so fortunate.

These earphones are definitely a very innovative design and great spin on a “classic” idea, I wish those at EarTaps ™ the best as they press on in their Kickstarter Campaign.

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