The UA HOVR Phantom 3 SE Storm is a Perfect for the PNW

The HOVR Phantom 3 SE Storm from Under Armour continues to push forward their trainer designed for speed and comfort…and the wet outdoors. We have been putting a few miles in over the past few weeks and here are our initial thoughts. 

There are many corners a runner can cut when it comes to workout gear – cheaper shirts, uglier shorts, and maybe even some inexpensive accessories. But not the shoes. Never the shoes. And with so many options available, so many choices in not only brand but style, it’s hard to know where to start.

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Under Armour, as I’ve mentioned in several other reviews, has made great strides in every way in regard to running gear and shoes in the last few years. I’ve always liked the look of their products, but the functionality has been excellent as well. These shoes are made and marketed for runners. These shoes are the latest in both technology and comfort. They look cool too, if that matters. And let’s face it, they do.


I really liked the look of the Phantom 2, but I will say the I LOVE the Phantom 3. While there are a few colorways to choose from the Black / Metro Purple / Pink Punk is amazing. It’s not for everyone, but it’s amazing.

There are little design “nic nacs” (for lack of a better word) that add some style to the shoe as well. The bungee laces and mini-fin heel counter that wraps around the back add a little pop even outside of the colorway.

We understand that looks are subjective, and that if a pair shoe is comfortable and providing a smooth run, then looks aren’t all that necessary. But hot dang we love the look of this shoe.


The new sock-like fit shoes seem to be trending, and I’m a fan. They hug the ankle and feel secure and breathable like a cozy slipper. They must do it in the right way however, so as feel both stable and also “disappear” during a run and feel like an extension of your foot. The UA HOVR technology will do exactly that, with it’s “zero gravity feel” that gives you spring in your step.

The sockliner and the water-repellent upper will give a bit of ample stretch, but the key point is it keeps your feet drier. These are a cinch to pull on, and literally keep on, with the bungee cord closure. Personally, I feel that laces are the best way to go to get a true secure fit, but the laces here do an admirable job. That being said, as this would likely be a pair to take out in the rain, the bungee system is definitely a bit easier to adjust them on the fly. Trying to untie and retie with when your hands are in gloves just doesn’t ever work. But these do.

I loved that the tongue was integrated as a part of the shoe and the “marshmallowy” feel of them on my feet was not a bad thing in the least. I knew immediately that these were the shoes I could put on for a run and keep on my feet for the various errands I often have on my plate afterwards.


The shoes felt like a dream! They were cushy but supportive and tight where they needed to be but not constrictive. While my foot skews on the slimmer side, people with a wider foot profile may find these a little too snug. There is some flexibility in the upper, but not as much as in other non-rain specific shoes. As a result, the security of the heel and middle of the foot may prove too tight for those who demand extra room. I did feel as if the base of the forefoot provided enough landing width.

I will say that I think the choice of a good sock is key with a sock-like shoe, as a no-show style might not feel great under the sockliner. My socks were a tad on the short side the first time I tried the shoes, and after about 30 minutes, my ankles felt a bit itchy, for lack of a better description. However, the next time I wore the shoes with a slightly longer sock, everything felt perfect.


It has been a while since we’ve tested shoes and wet weather, but a slightly drizzly day in September gave us that opportunity. Despite the outsole being made fully from rubber, I just found the grip “OK” during our inaugural run, but it got better over time.

During that first drizzly run on sidewalks, I experienced slight slippage – mostly when rotating the foot on corners. This was not as much of an issue when running on the added traction of literal roads, but you might need to be aware of this when taking fast corners in wet weather. I did find that, after a few runs, the outsole found its grip and has been solid ever since.



I have minimal complaints about the overall fit of the shoes. I run in a Men’s 12 and it fit pretty true to size. The base was wide enough for my feet and I felt there was ample room to move my toes around freely. I had no issues with lockdown at all and there has been no rubbing on this front.


Overall, while there are a handful of things that may cause some pause, I really do enjoy the UA HOVR Phantom 3 SE Storm. I feel they are almost a situational hybrid shoe – one that can perfectly be worn during indoor runs and in some shorter outdoor scenarios – but also look so dope that they can be a go-to casual pair.

Honestly, utilizing these as a runcation travel shoe, that can cross over into all situations and workouts while still looking stylish, is a perfect sweet spot.

UA HOVR Phantom 3 SE Storm $160


  • Weight (Men’s size 9): 11.1 oz | Women’s size 7: 9.2 oz
  • Stack: 25 MM Heel / 17 MM Forefoot
  • Offset: 8 MM
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