Run Oregon is Kickin’ It In Under Armour HOVR Phantom 2


There are many corners a runner can cut when it comes to workout gear – cheaper shirts, uglier shorts, and maybe even some inexpensive accessories. But not the shoes. Never the shoes. And with so many options available, so many choices in not only brand but style, it’s hard to know where to start.

Under Armour, as I’ve mentioned in several other reviews, has made great strides in every way in regard to running gear and shoes in the last few years. I’ve always liked the look of their products, but the functionality has been excellent as well. I’ve seen a lot of press recently advertising their new UA HOVR™ Phantom 2 shoes and I was absolutely thrilled to take them for a spin. These shoes are made and marketed for runners. As you can with other Under Armour shoes, you can download the UA MapMyRun app and connect to a chip in your shoe that will give you access to coaching and training plans. These shoes are the latest in both technology and comfort. They look cool too, if that matters. And let’s face it, it does.


The new sock-like fit shoes seem to be trending, and I’m a fan. They hug the ankle and feel secure and breathable like a cozy slipper. They must do it in the right way however, so as feel both stable and also “disappear” during a run and feel like an extension of your foot. The UA HOVR technology will do exactly that, with it’s “zero gravity feel” that gives you spring in your step. The SpeedForm 2.0 sockliner and the flat knit upper will give you the breathability you want and ample stretch. As we all know, it’s better to give than to receive, and the UA HOVR knows the rules. The UA HOVR™ Foam + Energy Web compression mesh material with give you back the energy you put in.

I loved that the tongue was integrated as a part of the shoe and the “marshmallowy” feel of them on my feet was not a bad thing in the least. I knew immediately that these were the shoes I could put on for a run and keep on my feet for the various errands I often have on my plate afterwards.


The shoes felt like a dream! They were cushy but supportive and tight where they needed to be but not overly narrow. I have a wide footbed so some shoes don’t feel comfortable, but this was not a problem with the HOVRs. I generally get my running shoes one size larger than my regular every day shoes, and I did this with the UA shoes with no issues.

I will say that I think the choice of a good sock is key with a sock-like shoe, as a no-show style might not feel great under the sockliner. My socks were a tad on the short side the first time I tried the shoes, and after about 30 minutes, my ankles felt a bit itchy, for lack of a better description. However, the next time I wore the shoes with a slightly longer sock, everything felt perfect.


I have yet to test the UA HOVR shoes on a run longer than 5 miles, as I tend to ease into new styles to avoid injuries. So far, I’ve had no hot spots, chafing, blistering, or issues, so I will continue to take them further as I go. For now, they are great for runs around the neighborhood and for cross training.

In my opinion, Under Armour has done it again – created a great all-around product that is both stylish and efficient.



Products & Price:


  • Offset: 9mm
  • Weight: ~9.24 oz.
  • SpeedForm 2.0 sockliner

More about UNDER ARMOUR:


These beliefs are the red thread that connects everyone at Under Armour—to the brand, our customers, athletes, and teammates. Never just words on a page or splashed across a screen, our values are rallying cries. Reminding us why we’re here, fueling everything we do.

  • LOVE ATHLETES. Make things that make them legendary. Athletes are our consumers, from the best of the best to the ones just getting started. The reason we get up every morning is to make things they can’t live without. They want to go beyond the next level and we’re going to take them there.
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  • ALWAYS CONNECT. Live at the center of the consumer’s life. All day, every day. Our connection to the athletes we serve is what sets us apart. Face to face, digitally, in competition, and in training, Under Armour shows up wherever athletes live, work, and play. And we show up big.
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Thank you to Under Armour for providing us with sample pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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